Friday, July 23, 2010

What I've Learned (Trip Re-Cap)

We are HOME!!!  I honestly can hardly believe that our trip has come and gone... It seems like we have been talking about and planning it for YEARS!  Jeff and I are SO thankful to have had this opportunity, but... home feels mighty good right now! 

I can't urge you enough to TAKE A TRIP LIKE THIS!!!  We know, trust me, that it was a once in a lifetime experience to see places and things that many people go their whole lives without seeing.  We saw God's beauty at it's VERY finest, ate good food, met fun people, had excellent time together in the car and late at night by the campfire, visited close friends, etc. etc. etc.  :) 

Today, I proudly cross off the first item on my 30 Before 30 List:

#9. Drive Across the United States

Woohoo!!! (I also visited two more of my 11 college girlfriends at their homes - #14)

As a form of re-cap, here are some Things I've Learned:

1. No matter how organized you are, your car will be a disaster.  (I NEVER thought I'd be the person with her car stacked so high with junk that you can't see out the back window.  I was.)

2. There is, in South Dakota, a palace made of corn.
3. My husband is happiest when climbing to some dangerous location.  (I am not.)
4. Mount Rushmore is a FREE attraction, but they charge you $16.00 to park.  (You cannot see it from your car.)

5. Despite the fact that it is an all American landmark, people will still look at you funny if you arrive there dressed in patriotic "costumes."  (They will also ask you to take lots of pictures because they assume you work there.)
6. Food does not stay all that fresh floating in cold water.  You will spend a lot of time and money on ice.

7. Coffee is your BEST FRIEND.
8. Buffalo are VERY dangerous creatures.
9. Even National Parks have hospitals.
10. Bears enjoy the smell and taste of toothpaste, deodorant, and body lotion.

11. Geyers stink.  Literally.
12. Bison are not afraid of cars.
13. Yellowstone gets VERY cold at night - even in July.

14. Audio books are WONDERFUL! (We listened to The Lost Symbol, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and The Associate)

15. Camping can be quite luxurious.

16. The Canadian border is SERIOUS.  (My favorite question - "How do you two know each other?")

17. There CAN be snow on the ground when it is 80 degrees.
18. Animals always have the right-of-way.
19. Gas gets significantly more expensive as you head West.  (The most we paid was about $3.70/gallon in Montana... At home, it is $2.20.)

20. The Pacific Ocean is COLD.
21. You WILL visit a lot of public restrooms.  Your standards will decrease drastically.

22. Fazoli's combo meals (which are pure carbohydrates) come with a slice of pizza.  Odd?

23. You CAN go significantly further than 3,000 miles WITHOUT an oil change.
24. An eighteen hour drive IS a day-trip.

25. It is FINE to leave all your things in the car for a few days after you return so that you can enjoy a clean house.  Because, no matter how much you cleaned before you left OR how many times your mom and dad touched up the house while you were gone, it WILL be a DISASTER when you return.
26. Eight thousand miles and nineteen states later, nothing feels better than your dog and your own sofa! :)

Thanks for following our trip!

Believe it or not, I'm off again now!  I will be in Valdosta, GA this weekend for my friend Jenni's wedding!  As much as I'm not dying to get back in the car... This will be some much-needed girl time with my very closest friends!  Jeff, I'm sure, will enjoy some time to himself at home! Haha. See you Monday!


  1. glad you had an awesome trip!

  2. What an amazing trip!! I am so happy that yall got to take it!!
    Be safe in your travels to Jenni's wonderful wedding!! I know how much fun "girl time" is... i loved my 2 days with 2 of the 5 of my "sorority girls." So much fun!! I CANNOT wait to see you next Monday!!! Have fun!!!

  3. Sorry you visited the Pacific coast when it was all cloudy. It's gorgeous when the sun's out, but I suppose a stormy looking sea is a different kind of beautiful. :-)

  4. And yes, I just apologized for an ocean...

  5. Wow...I can't believe it's over! I know you are probably glad to be home though :) Great wrap up of the trip...I thoroughly enjoyed it. I've never done anything like your road trip, and now I really want to!!!

    Safe travels to GA, and have fun!

  6. What a great trip! Could I hire you to document all my vacations? You notice everything and make it all so fun!

  7. Heh. I chuckled at your picture of the corn palace... ONLY because my children travel with my parents during the summer and one summer they told me all about the corn palace... did you go in and take your picture where you can put your face in the ears of corn with the sign above it that says "acting corny at the corn palace?" it's classic let me tell you.

    This year, just my daughter is travelling with my parents. They just left Mount Rushmore and are headed to yellowstone today. She has seen more with them than I ever will.. but her pictures and memories are worth so much to me, I can't imagine how much they will be worth to her when she gets older!

    So glad you enjoyed your trip! I loved tagging along!

  8. What a fun and wonderful trip! Some day I hope to travel the US.


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