Friday, August 6, 2010


a·vail·a·ble   /əˈveɪləbəl/[uh-vey-luh-buhl]
1. suitable or ready for use; of use or service; at hand: I used whatever tools were available.
2. readily obtainable; accessible: available resources.

This term really doesn't show up much in my every day vocabulary.  Or, if it does, it is only in the context of: "Hmm... I'd really like to hang out, but I'll have to look at my planner to see what my 'availability' is next week/month/year."  (I guess I don't really say things like that, but I may as well... I sound that arrogant probably.)

Anyways, the point is, in the last two weeks I have experienced a rare glimpse of availability.  The kind like: "Yea, I'd love to get coffee sometime, how about in thirty-minutes." "I'd be happy to help you with your resume, can you come over now?"  OR "No, we don't have plans for lunch after church... Let's hang out!"

In the last two weeks I've...
... had dinner with a former student who is about to leave for college.
... invited the decorators that helped me with my house TWO YEARS AGO over to finally see some of our changes.
... drank coffee with an acquaintance that I've always wanted to get to know better.
... took a friend to the airport.
... worked crosswords with Poppy.
... exercised with my Mom.
... asked a friend to stay for dinner.
Normally, I quite like the feeling of busyness.  I tend to think I function better when my life is pretty scheduled.  BUT... I could get used to this lifestyle. I'm a better daughter, sister, granddaughter, wife, and friend when my life is just a little more... available.

The question is, however, HOW do I sustain this when I go back to work in a few short days?  Unfortunately this isn't the reality of my world once school starts.  But could it be?  Could it be as simple as NOT making to-do lists a mile long for every afternoon, and just waiting to see where life takes me.  What IF I lived that way?  Could it be more about my mind than my planner?  We'll see...


  1. I found your blog from Laura (Big Cursive L) and I'm in love. :) lol. but I just wanted you to know I'm excited about reading your adventures. :)

  2. Isn't it wonderful to be available :) That is one of the goals I have set for myself. I have failed miserably lately, but I'm working very hard to get back on track. When did we all become so darn busy?

  3. I've been wondering the same thing. I love my family and friend time, but I go back to work in a week. How do I keep the warm fuzzies coming?? When I'm working I feel like I'm constantly turning down invites, and it makes me feel bad. If you find a solution, let us know!

  4. Aren't summers wonderful! I've been "available" almost all summer and it's been so nice. Before the hustle and bustle begins again you and Jeff will have to come over to our new house! P.S. we could use a little advice in decorating! :)

  5. Go with MY personal favorite....get VERY familiar and comfortable with the word "NO!" "No.. I do not want to watch your kid", "no I will not be the chair person for the committee that I dont care about AT ALL"..."no, I will not be able to make the cookout, even though we just met and I dont know you, or any of your friends at all, and its raining"..."no, I REALLY MUST SPEND MORE TIME WITH MY PERFECT SISTER....sorry, no time for anyone else.." That always works for me, NO is def my favorite word! (youre my favorite u)


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