Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kickball Returns

I played in a kickball league last summer.
I never made it to first base last summer.
I had a terrible fall running to first base last summer and created quite a reputation for myself.

And, for some reason no one quite understands, they asked me to play again this year.

CORRECTION: I DO know why they asked me to play... Because the league requires that every team have four girls on the field at all times.  I'm nothing but a number to them!

And, even more unexplainable, I agreed.
Coach - preparing the line-up.  See how serious this is?  It is a hard job figuring out where to put me to cause the LEAST damage.
I still haven't made it to first base without getting out!

In fact, yesterday, as we showed up for our game, Jeff said: "You aren't going to play are you?  I mean, unless they absolutely NEED you?"  Nothing like a little pre-game pep talk from my husband!

Anyways, I'm playing kickball again... I'm awful.  But, I'm fulfilling a need.  I can stand out in the field and look sweaty pretty any day. 

Amanda... No pictures of me because I'm the only one who takes photos during such a serious game.

Addy, being the sweetest spectator EVER!
(Is it bad that I often hope my future kids will be awesome as her?!)
Our rival team "Strictly Business". 
(The two on the left are getting married soon.  I think they are going to wear those shirts for the event. 
Doesn't he look happy about it?) 
P.S. Does anyone else think it's weird that all three of them are wearing navy blue shorts
with those BLACK t-shirts?


  1. Ha! I love their tuxedo shirts... hilarious!! I was never any good at kickball either

  2. Love this post! That is weird that they are all wearing black with blue shorts. Hmmmm.

  3. Fun! I wish I could find a kickball league! We played kickball at my rehearsal dinner (it was very fancy), and that game is one of my very favorite memories.


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