Sunday, August 22, 2010

Laundry Room Reveal

Ok... the laundry room is (finally) done.

I now have a PROFOUND respect for people who crank out DIY projects in a matter of hours, or even days.  (Is it just me or do all design blogs make home projects look SO easy and un-messy?)

As it turns out, I'm not a very good at this stuff.  In fact, I'm sort of a hazard when it comes to paint, etc.  What I had hoped would be MY project through and through, actually ended up being a lot of Jeff fixing my mistakes/ doing all the work himself.  I - honestly - would spend entire days painting etc., and then he would get home from work and offer to "clean it up."  It was frustrating, and - at times - not that fun.  Plus, we spent a lot more money than I had originally planned, and it took almost two weeks to completely finish.
THAT SAID, I am VERY happy with the final result.  Now - just in time for me to go back to work and have very limited free time - I have a place to go and feel inspired to "Clean & Create."  I love my new space and, if nothing else, learned a lot in the process of transforming it.  (Also, I could have not have done this AT ALL without my wonderful husband and dad... I have a long way to go in this department, but I am VERY grateful to have two talented men behind me!)

Anyways, here's the BEFORE, in case you forgot what a gem I was working with:

And, here's the AFTER:

Let's take one more look side-by-side:

Much better huh?

In case you are wondering, here's how the cost breaks down:

- The wall color is the same as what's in my foyer/office.  I started off using the leftovers, but we ended up having to buy another gallon - Lowes ($32.00)

- I simply PAINTED (no sanding or anything) over the laminate countertops with a high-gloss paint, and topped it off with FOUR coats of polyurethane.  It worked well, but the polyurethane is a MUST.  Lowe's custom made this color to match the storage cubes I had already bought.  We used less than a quart of both paint & polyurethane.  Overall, it worked well... But, I don't know how it will hold up; you may want to do something more professional for more "important" space like a kitchen. - Lowes ($20.00 )

- The stool, mason jars, and sewing machine all came from Poppy & Granny's basement.  I also already had the white planter, black frames, laundry sorter, and the wire baskets for wrapping supplies (FREE)

- Storage cubes, ironing board cover, & fabric covered organizers - Tuesday Morning ($40.00 )

- Floating shelves & dragon-fly hooks - Lowes ($50.00 )

- Rug, lamp, & monogram - TJ Maxx ($60.00 )

- Bulletin Board - Walmart ($9.00)

- I SPRAY PAINTED the monogram, the stool, and a piece of wood I already had (it looks hilarious - I know) green; and took an old floor tile and spray painted it with chalkboard paint for my "To Do" list - Lowes ($7.00 )

- Finally, the paper prints and green bucket holding giftwrap came from a little shop in Roanoke called Chocolate Paper ($30.00 )

- Labor courtesy of my wonderful husband and wonderful dad (FREE )

GRAND TOTAL = $264.00 *All prices are approximate... It was probably closer to $300 when all was said & done.

You live, you learn - right?

Now... I've just got to teach myself to sew and do crafts, and it will all be worth it! ;)


  1. ummmm GORGEOUS!!! It is absolutely beautiful! congrats a job well done, I think you should be involved in more DIY in the future, you're awesome it :)

  2. it's super cute! Love it! Great job!

  3. it looks fantastic! Good job! Sometimes I have those same problems where the husband has to come in and correct what I've done! It's frustrating that's for sure! I especially hate that a quick and easy DIY project turns into not-so-quick!

  4. Can you please come makeover my laundry room?!? You did such a fabulous job!

  5. GIRL! It looks SOOOOO GOOD! Cute & stylish & fun! I love it!

  6. I love the colors you chose! Such a great room!

  7. It looks great! I hope you enjoy being in there (doing crafty stuff not washing!). Really like the colour.

  8. You will smile every time you go in your laundry room! That makes it is well worth the $300.

  9. UGH- now my scary 1927 basement/laundry room seems even WORSE! I LOVE what ya'll did- totally fab!

  10. Oh my gosh I LOVE it!! And it matches your blog LOL :) (Not that that's what you were going for but I just noticed it when I saw the wallpaper of your blog and your pictures). :) I've been following you for a while but realized my comments don't link to my blog. (Just so you don't think I'm some weird creeper) :)

  11. love it!
    so proud
    now can't wait for you to start sewing.

  12. Looks great!!! Here's an idea for a simple "first sewing project" that will also enhance the room-- A fabric 'skirt' to go around the wash tubs. :-) --M

  13. Love the laundry room re-do! It looks fabulous!

  14. Love, Love, Love it! Very nice job :)

  15. Looks great. Thanks for letting me take a peek.


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