Saturday, August 14, 2010


Today is a blah day for me... It is rainy here, and I'm beating myself up for waiting until (literally) the very last weekend of my summer to try to renovate my laundry room, clean my house thoroughly, and organize myself for the entire next school year...  I'm a super brat for complaining... My summer has been AMAZING.  But, today is one of those days where I want to run away from my house and all my "stuff" and just live out of one suitcase in The Marriot where they clean your room every day...

My laundry room is definitely coming along, BUT it has been a much more difficult project than I realized it would be.  Jeff has been a saint for working with me - but he has pretty much redone everything I do because it isn't "perfect" enough for him.  He's all about increasing the value of the house... I think is a laundry room, and should just be fun!  Anyways, as much as I just want to tell you all how handy and crafty I am... I'm OVER this project!  I've spent A LOT of time on it, and I still have a ways to go.  In the future, I plan to stick to coming up with ideas and buying accessories, while letting someone else do the work! :)

Anyways, be looking for my big reveal soon though along with a complete price breakdown - which, of course, was WAY over my $150.00 budget - and "how-to."  It is going to be pretty cute, if I do say so myself!

Finally, just a reminder that today is the last day to enter my $50.00 CSN Stores giveaway right HERE.  I'll announce the winner sometime tomorrow.

In the meantime, hope your Saturday is less whiney than mine!

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