Thursday, September 2, 2010


First of all, I'm still here!  Sorry I've been MIA this week... I know it's bad when people start sending me text messages and e-mails asking if I'm ok.  I'm fine - just busy.  Adjusting to the start of the school year has been a lot harder than I remember it being in the past.  I'm still struggling to wake up in the morning, struggling to be prepared for my six classes every day, struggling to leave work on time and NOT take a nap in the afternoon, etc. etc. etc.  But, life is good... I'll adjust. :)

In the meantime, did you notice that today is 90210 day?  (Get it? September 2nd, 2010?) How happy does that make me?!?

I'm not talking about the cheesy mess that's on the CW right now... We're talking good, old fashioned, Brandon, and Brenda, and wild Dylan who cuts school and smokes cigarettes in Beverly Hills, CA 90210.  Is it weird that this show reminds me of my childhood?  I wasn't technically "allowed" to watch it - but my parents should have thought through letting me have a TV in my bedroom because I totally "snuck" it every day from the time I was, like, eight - seriously.  I felt like such a rebel.

Looking back on it now, that show really seems like good clean fun.  (I should know - I actually managed to write my senior thesis at Clemson on the portrayal of upper-class teenagers on 90210 of the nineties and The OC of the 2000s... LOVED my research!)

Kelly was my favorite because she was prettiest.  But, I also liked Brenda because I thought Dylan was hott and she was his girlfriend.  And, I liked Donna because she was a goody-goody/ (gasp) a virgin in high school!  Hilarious.  In the end though, I think I turned out the most like Andrea Zuckerman - editor of the newspaper and all.  Although, she did become a teenage mom, and I'm still waiting for the perfect "responsible" timing at 26. ;)  Oh Andrea!

Anyways... I can't believe my first post in a week is on teeny-bopper television; but, I couldn't pass it up.  This type of occassion only comes around once a century!

Happy 9 - 02 - 10! :)

Stay tuned as I regain some energy for posts on last weekend's camping trip and the NIGHTMARE of SEED TICKS.  (Got you wondering, huh?)


  1. O, I feel you...this school year has been HARD to adjust to!

  2. OH I LOVE 90210!!! I still watch the re-runs sometimes on the Soap network! It reminds me of my childhood as well. I had to set my vcr to tape it every week! lol

  3. I tried so very hard to love the "new" 90210, but it is just horrible :( Oh well. Some things should never be re-created.

    I hadn't a clue about today's date. Guess I need to get with the program!

  4. OH MY GOSH I used to "sneak" 90210 too!! I would keep my finger ready to hit the "previous channel" button on the remote and make sure Nickelodeon was the other channel I would flip to when I heard an adult approaching the tv room! I looove 90210, and wish they had left it alone rather than recreate the nonsense they have on the CW now. Happy 90210 Day!!

  5. Today is my son's first birthday, and I tried in vain to come up with an appropriate way to have a 90210-themed birthday party for him :)

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  7. Your post brought back many memories for me of watching the show in college with my best friend. Once when we forgot to record an episode, we (pathetically) knocked on doors in the dorms asking people if they had a tape of the show we could borrow. No better way to announce to others just how lame you really are! :) But the memories are good.... :)

  8. This school year, it has been so difficult to get adjusted! I never feel really prepared for the day, and I'm exhausted every afternoon!! Let's hope this isn't a continual thing :)


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