Friday, August 27, 2010

Reason # TWO

... Why living in your hometown can be difficult.

Oh good grief... Remember this post? Well, it happened again.

Last night, I went to Zumba with my mom, sister, and Amanda.  It was excellent.  I wore cut-off sweatpants.  My bangs are inbetween lengths, so I used my natural body sweat to (beautifully) sweep them to the side of my face.  I looked great.  (Please note sarcasm here.)

After class, I (literally) walked across the street to my favorite Mexican restaurant to meet Jeff and his family for dinner.  *If you are judging me at this point, MOM, just remember that burritos after the gym are way better than burritos instead of the gym. It could have been worse.*  Anyway, awesome idea on my part -- you know, to go out to eat at a very popular place directly after exercising -- in sweat shorts,  no less.  And, as luck would have it, who do I run into not five minutes after I get there?  Jeff's ex-girlfriend.  Of course!

Let me explain a little... He only has one ex girlfriend.  At least that I count.  And, he happens to have dated this girl RIGHT BEFORE me, BOTH times!  (You can read our little "love story" here.)

... She doesn't even in live in Roanoke, and I haven't seen her in at least five years... But, the one night (um... pretend I don't do this often) that I go out looking like a hot (as in disgustingly greasy/sweaty) mess --- We see her.  She's adorable.  And, when I said "Oh, I'm so embarrassed I just left the gym" she said: "Oh gosh, I've been in the car travelling all day."  Did NOT make me feel better... She still looked super cute and put together.  I'd hate to see her on a "good" day. Uggg. 

Thank you greasy bangs.  Thank you Murphy's Law.

**Disclaimer: Just on the off chance that she reads this blog, and because it's true... I like this girl a lot!  She's always friendly, and it was good to catch up.  She also got married the same summer we did.  I (OBVIOUSLY) am not legitimately upset/worried by this interaction... But, it is a little unfortunate for me.  Really God?  Maybe a hairbrush and some jeans next time? ;)


  1. HAHA! You're so funny!! I would feel the same way, though. And guess what? I hit the gym yesterday & then went to MCDONALDS. TERRIBLE!! I don't even eat fast food anymore! But i was late for work & forgot to pack dinner & stopped at a healthy place but it was closed... GRR!

  2. umm dear sister. When you put "Literally walked across the street to the mexican restuarant.." I ALMOST came out of my skin. DONT LIE TO THE PEOPLE...Allow ME to tell the truth..IN FACT it's not across the street, its in the same parking lot, AND BETTER....YOU MADE ME DRIVE YOU THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hahaha...this is so the type of thing that happened to me once...and your sister's comment made me laugh a bit as well. I would have done the same thing. :) I'm not much for walking!

  4. Oh, You poor, poor thing.

  5. I am super new to blogging. I haven't figured most of it out yet, especially my own blog. But somehow, I came across your page and became a"follower". I enjoy your postings (forgive the terminology- "postings", I'm coming from the world of Facebook and am unfamiliar with Blogville, just yet) and love your quirky tales. Hope to have my own blog in active status soon.


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