Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hodge Podge/ Things You Should Know

1.)  My "Bloggy Book Club" last month was an EPIC FAIL with ZERO participants... Which is a real shame because the book was SOOO good.  But, I thought some of you might "secretly" want to know what I'm reading next.  (I flatter myself, I know.)  So... here it is:

"They" call it a cross between Steel Magnolias and The Help.  What more do you need, really? But, just in case, here's a link to the author's website and a little summary.  I'm one chapter in and so far, so good.

1.5.)  I'm also starting a Bible Study with my mom and some fun girls from church next week on this book.  I'm REALLY excited about it.  I'm sure you'll hear more as we go...
(Read more about it here.)

2.) THIS SUNDAY (September 26th) marks the six month anniversary of when we unveiled our 30 Before 30 lists!!!  How are you doing?!?!  Have you checked anything off?  I'm planning a fun giveaway to announce that day AND a link-up for you to post your updates for us all.  Start planning now!

3.) I'm skipping Mid-Week Laughs this week.  I'm sure you're devastated. ;)

4.) Remember my Thanksgiving Table Decorating Contest from last year?!?!  Well, it won't be long till it's that time again.  And, this year, I'd like to invite you to join in the action!  I'll still need your help choosing a family winner for our own table competition, but this year I'm also going to invite YOU to submit pictures of your Thanksgiving table scape to be voted on by my lovely readers.  The winner will receive a fun prize from CSN Stores and bragging rights for a whole year, of course!  Are you in?

(Last year's winner!)

5. I am so tired of grading essays and doing school work that my head might explode.  (Hence the bulleted/numbered format of this entry.) Please pray for me!

Love you!


  1. I have never read The Help but I love Steele Magnolias. I will have to check out that new book. I also started a bible study this week. It's Beth Moore's Breaking Free.

  2. Okay, you may not remember me... I emailed you a while back. Friend of Brittany Wright? But I think I'm with you on this... I read The Help, loved it. Steel Magnolias, all-time favorite movie. Read The Art of Racing in the Rain a couple weeks ago! I WOULD HAVE JOINED YOU IN YOUR BLOGGY BOOK CLUB. Count me in. :)

  3. I can't wait to read more about your Bible Study, I have been looking for one!

  4. I bought the book and read it!! Loved it, what a great idea. I couldn't contribute to the talk because we were out of town at the last minute. Just downloaded the new book you recommended to my Kindle!! Would love to join a discussion if you have one next time. I'm also reading Ape House right now by the same author as Water for Elephants.

    Love your blog!

  5. Ugh I havent done anything on my list...talk about epic fail :(


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