Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Story Worth Sharing

I've been wanting to share my friend Libby's story with you all for some time now, but I haven't really known how to put it all down in words... Then, today, I read an article from the Hampton Roads: Virginian Pilot about her and her blog - Don't Waste Your Cancer - and decided it pretty much did the talking...

I met Libby and her husband Justin a few years ago through some mutual friends.  Justin is on Young Life staff in Chesapeake, VA - a ministry for high school students that Jeff and I are involved in - so, our path's have crossed a lot.  :) We don't know each other well, but I've always admired her beauty - she kind-of lights up a room, her gentleness, and the way she loves Jesus and loves kids.  Last winter, I got to meet her baby girl Ava, and see the way Libby glowed when she talked about being a mom.

*Haha, once, I even received an e-mail from Justin that was meant just for Libby, because her first name is "Elizabeth" too and g-mail has a mind of it's own.  It was cute, and funny.*

Anyways, in July, we received an e-mail from the Regional Director of Young Life, asking us to pray for Libby.  Just a few days before they were scheduled to leave for a month on assignment at YL camp, doctors found two masses on Libby's neck.  By August, she had been diagnosed with stage 4 sclerosis Hodgkin's lymphoma. 

Almost immediately, she started a blog to share her story.

And, trust me, it is a story worth sharing.

Over the past three months, this has been my first stop on the internet every morning.  Without sounding too ridiculous, it has almost been like a "quiet time" for me.  Libby's hope and authenticity through this time of trial and unknowns have showed me more of my God.  Her story is sad, and frustrating... It is real, and it is HARD.  But, it is beautiful. 

And, in case that picture and title don't speak to your heart enough, here's just a glimpse of what she has to say:

"we decided nothing will be the same again, ever. but in the best way possible. we are excited for this new path in our journey as a couple and as individuals. i told justin this past week that i was thankful this was all happening now and not in 60 years when we were older and had missed out on loving Jesus this much, or each other this much, and everyone around this much. since we never saw this one coming. i guess that is what you sign up for when you decide to give your life...we are talking your life Jesus Christ. it means trusting him with everything. i thought i did though. but now i know that i didn't. i mean i did a little. But not like i do now."

It is SO easy to get caught up in MY every day... I start to worry about Jeff's job, or what we'll be doing in six months, and then I remember Libby.  Life is SO MUCH MORE than our jobs, or our house, or how we spend our time.  Try as I might, we don't get to be in control.  But, God is GOOD.  God is GOOD.

Read her blog.  It is changing more lives than just hers.  It is the essence of the Jesus I love.


  1. I found Libby's blog through a prayer request on another blog and also check her blog first thing every morning to see how she is. I pray for her often although I don't know her, which is not normal for me but I like that. I love that you are sharing her story further so she can continue to touch lives and stir things in peoples hearts that they might not have even know was there (just like this blogger!)

  2. I just started following Libby's blog. Wow. I can't really put in to words what I'm feeling right now. What a beautiful family! Thank you for introducing us :) I look forward to getting to know Libby and Justin, and waching God cure her cancer.


  3. Thank you for sharing about Libby's blog. Our God is good no matter the trial or valley we have to walk through during life. He is faithful! Hope you have a blessed day!

  4. Thank you for sharing her blog with us! Her story has touched me (as I have a really good friend with breast cancer) and changed my outlook on life. And her picture...unbelievable! How precious...

  5. Thank you for sharing her touching story. I teared up just reading your post.


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