Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness: Etsy Style

October is "Breast Cancer Awareness Month." 

So, I'm "pairing up" (although they don't exactly know it) with one of my favorite shopping sites - Etsy - to show off some awesomely trendy - and meaningful - treats in support of a very good cause...

Enjoy this little collection:  (And, this goes without saying, but there is TONS more on their site.)

1. Pom Pom Earrings from The Green Mum - $7.00 (10% to local charity)
2. Pink Bird of Hope from Middleburg - $37.00 (20% to Susan G. Komen)
3. Hair Clip from Sweetly Fallen - $16.00 ($5.00 to Susan G. Komen of Houston)
4. Layered Brooch from Olivia Rose Boutique - $8.00 ($2.00 to Susan G. Komen)
5. Clutch from K8Made - $30.00 (proceeds go to Susan G. Komen Foundation)
6. Vintage Button Cufflinks from Really Bad Kitty - $15.00 (40% to Susan G. Komen of Dallas)
7. Bib Necklace from Rosebud Lips - $57.00 (portion of proceeds go to American Cancer Society)
8. Necktie Button Bracelet from Ascot Handbags - $20.00 (100% goes to research via Specialty Obstetrics of San Diego)

Not the shopping type?  (Or just on a budget like me?)  You can still show your support by participating in a local event (like the Zumbathon I did) or hosting a "Pink Party" like my mom does every year for the teachers at her school.  Even just wearing pink helps raise awareness - it doesn't get much easier than that!

How do you show your support?

Meanwhile, a HUGE thank you to all of you who took my reader survey earlier this week!  (If you haven't yet, please head  here to do it now!)  I am anxious to sit down and check out all of your awesome blogs this weekend --- just as soon as my grades are in and I'm officially enjoying a three-day weekend from teaching!  

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