Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Soundtrack of My Life

The year is 1991.

I am in first grade.

I have a boy haircut, my nose is in the Babysitter's Club, and these boys just released their first hit R&B single.

Fast forward...

1996.  I am attending my first EVER boy-girl dance in middle school.  I am wearing a black jumper and white Keds.  (Thanks Mom!)  I have my first "slow dance" - an arm's length apart, of course - to their "On Bended Knee."

1998. I have my first heartbreak over a "break-up" note between eighth grade Civics and Language Arts.  (Who knew I could "fall in love" in just three short months.)  I listen to "Four Seasons of Loneliness" on repeat for hours.and.hours.and.hours.

2000.  I am newly sixteen, packed in a girlfriend's Oldsmobile Cutlass singing along to "I Can Love You" as we "stalk" our crushes and (only once) get the car stuck in a ditch outside one of their houses. ;)


 It is 2010... I am visiting my friend Courtney in Columbia for a "work weekend" in preparation for an upcoming English teacher's conference.  And... we pause for... a Boyz II Men concert.

The following are ACTUAL photographs taken from the 3rd row at the South Carolina State Fair this past Saturday night:

That's right folks, I saw THE Boyz II Men live this weekend.  And, let me tell you, even 20 years later... they've still got it! ;)  *P.S. Michael McCary left the group in 2003... So, yes, there are only three Boyz now.

I had forgotten how much I LOVE this group. Seriously, it was like I listened to a little soundtrack of my life Saturday night.  SO fun!!!

Courtney (well, her husband Adam) even caught a rose tossed out during "I'll Make Love to You."  Dreamy... ;)

So... what's your favorite Boyz II Men song?  What memory goes with it?  Do tell!

Oh, and, this is slightly off topic but... I had to share this snapshot from the fair:

Only in South Carolina! ;)


  1. Actually everything is deep fried in North Carolina too. Our fair actually had deep fried chocolate covered bacon on a stick. That is so neat that you got to see Boys II Men. I love their songs! And btw, I sported the white keds too for forever. My favorites were the ones without the laces.

  2. I still love Boyz II Men!! Hahahaha they are the best. :) I recorded the episode of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air when they were on it, lol.

  3. They were my very first concert!! LOVE them so much!!

  4. I LOVE Boyz II Men! The hubs laughs at me because I still have a couple of their CDs. My Fav song they song "One Sweet Day" with Mariah Carey. Oh and we cant forget "Water Runs Dry". I can still see that music video with all the Boyz walking in the desert. HA!

  5. There are no words...except jealous! What an amazing concert. I agree...these are the songs of my youth. :) I was asked to go to a NKOTB concert when they were in Grand Rapids (MI) a few months ago and it was the best decision ever! I was a "die-hard" fan back in the late 80's (you know, the pillow cases, giant buttons, dolls, posters on every available inch of wall space. They still can do it to me...20 years later.

  6. It's so hard to say goodbye - we sang it over and over after 8th grade graduation.
    Who knew they touched so many lives ;)


  7. They were the 1st CD I ever owned! My favorite was "Thank You" the 1st song on that CD :)

  8. I loved Boyz II Men!! They are going to be on a cruise from Miami in February around Valentines Day (how appropriate). That would be awesome.


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