Friday, October 29, 2010

House Tour: Guest Room

I'm happy to be back at Kelly's "Show Us Where You Live" today.  (Last week was children's rooms, so I sadly had to sit on the sidelines.)  And, even better... this week is Guest Rooms - which just happens to be one of my favorite rooms in our house!  (Only partially because it is also my closet/dressing room.)

I like this room because almost everything in it is a hand-me-down that has been re-done in some way.  It had potential to just be a "hodge podge" of left-over furniture but a few good cans of spray paint went a long way.  I think it is bright, and cozy, and (I hope) welcoming for our guests!

 The bedding is old school Pottery Barn from my room in my parent's house.  (Thank you Mom & Dad!) The bed itself belonged to Jeff in college. The lamp came from a close family friend who I used to babysit for. And, the nightstand belonged to a great uncle -- you can't see enough of it to tell, but it is one of the few pieces I haven't "refinished," I think it's scruffiness adds to the charm.  And, the chair in the corner is from Poppy.  He always complained that that room needed a chair, and then one day I just came home and this was on my front porch.  Apparently, he took it out of his own bedroom and painted it white for me.  So sweet... And, kind-of hilarious.

Also, I wish you could see it in this photo - but the right corner has an awesome wardrobe that belonged to my great grandmother.  My dad painted it green for me and I LOVE it.  It is probably my favorite piece of furniture in the house.  (Jeff took these pics this morning while I was at work and didn't include a close-up of it.  Oh well, beggars can't be choosers!  Maybe we'll get a picture up later.)

This dresser is another favorite piece.  It belonged to Jeff's brother in college but somehow ended up in our basement.  He always said he wanted it back "one day," but that ended after I painted it teal.  :)  For a while, I left the drawers the original wood color, but then recently added a coat (or eight) of white spray paint to them too.  Easy fix!  Fun look!  (I like to think this will be something I can use in a nursery one day.)

 And, here's another view... From the cute hanger (for our guests, of course) I found at TJ Maxx.

Like most of the rooms in our house, this one is pretty simple.  I'm sure if I brought in a decorator they would add curtains and lots more on the walls --- maybe a patterned stencil?  But, I'm happy for it right now.  Simple is good in my book. :)

Can't wait to visit more cute guest rooms today!  It will be like a little vacation!

Happy Friday!


  1. Love that bedding!


  2. What a sweet, welcoming guest room! Love the colors and I love the bed! Our guest room has never been painted and has only shades in it, no curtains or anything. Not very welcoming at all. I really need to dress it up more and paint, get a new spread, etc. Low on the priority list right now though.
    Love those flower hangers too by the way. Way cute!

  3. Adorable bedding; although it's all hand-me down it all goes great together! Stopping over from Kelly's Korner today. Have a great weekend!


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