Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Overall, I deem Halloween 2010 a success.

I still managed to wear sweatpants and be the polar opposite of "sexy."  I've just resigned myself to that fact.  At least I have a husband who appreciates comfort and humor. :)

Here we are:
 5 Time Olympic Gold Medalists (lame, I know, but easy)

Here are a few other favorite duos from last night:

I saw some other really great costumes on Facebook, etc.  I'm always pretty jealous of people's creativity.  Why couldn't I think of cupcake and baker?  Really.  Oh well, water under the bridge! ;)

TONIGHT, our street was blocked off for a little neighborhood potluck before trick-or-treating.  Jeff and I were totally the awkward ones without kids (well, we were A LOT less awkward than the grown man who showed up dressed as a cave man in LITERALLY only a loin cloth and a wig), but we still had fun.

I love Halloween in our neighborhood.  There are TONS of kids.  (And "big kids" not even dressed in costumes that still carry around pillowcases for candy.  This really irks me.  I am so old and cranky.)

Here are a few more photos of our girl in her "costume" and our candy distribution set-up:

She absolutely HATED wearing her pumpkin hat, and was NOT friendly to the trick-or-treaters.

Approximately two minutes later, Addy was banished to the house...

Happy Halloween Friends!
Here's to a great November!


  1. You look adorable! and you look beautiful in the last picture, I love you sister bear!

  2. you look so cute! both in costume and in your cute little weekend outfit :)

  3. i love your trick or treat outfit - so cute!
    i'm with you about envious of peoples creative costumes - and i always think - oh ill keep that in the back of my mind for next years halloween costume - and when it comes around i never remember!

  4. I am cracking up and thinking thank goodness Jeff got some more use out of those shorts he bought to visit Mt. Rushmore this past summer!!
    I love your costume choices, and Addy looked so dang funny in that old hat!! perhaps you should have allowed me to buy her a costume that fit her!!! she's so beautiful!! Oh, love the leggings too.... I must wear mine!!!


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