Tuesday, November 2, 2010

For Sale

Do you remember this post about my dreams of a new loft apartment instead of our house?  

Well, be careful what you wish for!  That might just become a reality sooner than I thought...

Jeff and I are officially putting our house "on the market." By "on the market," I mean that we will stick a For Sale By Owner sign in the yard and begin praying that we get just the right offer at just the right time. No hurry, no pressure... But, taking steps toward selling.

This is a bittersweet thing for me.  There are many different factors surrounding this decision.  One of which, of course, is flexibility as we look for a new job for Jeff and think about our next "big adventure."  But honestly, that aside, we have really learned that home-ownership isn't the best fit for us right now in our lives.  We are tired of even the most basic up-keep, and my standards for cleanliness/ organization are too high for a house this size and this age.  I TRULY get so excited thinking about living somewhere smaller and newer.  Plus, I get giddy about a "fresh start" and new challenge for decorating. Getting rid of the furniture we don't like, but need to take up space, and keeping only the pieces we really love, for example.  Literally, my mind is bursting with fun ideas for our new space - where ever that might be.  (You can look for LOTS of posts on that soon!)

All that said, it will still be hard/sad to leave our first home.  

When we bought this house, I figured we'd live here forever. (Or at least until we had too many kiddos for the one full bath.)  And, as we have been taking pictures and putting together a "sale flier," I've realized how much we really have done to make this place reflect US.  I LOVE the old charm to our house.  I LOVE the colors.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE how many friends we've had come through the doors for a party, a Bible study, or a cup of coffee and a good cry.  We have, quite literally, seen lives changed here.  This old house will always hold a special place in our hearts and our story.  :)
May 2008
But, it is just a house.  And, I've come to realize that we can (and will) make anywhere we live a home. *Not to mention, I'll always have this blog to document every.single.room of this house.  (Click here for more pics.) Haha!

So... there's some big news for ya.  (Nope, not pregnant. ;)  Just giving birth to a new chapter of our lives.)

I can't wait to share this journey on my blog; and, more importantly, some of my fun ideas (and fears) for decorating a new space.

Let the fun begin!


  1. How exciting!!! We talked about putting our house on the market in exchange for a loft downtown, but our mortgage is less than a loft and we enjoy some parts of owning a house....but I understand 100% why you are doing it. I can't wait to see what you find next...I know it will be cute!

  2. I just read your older post on possible loft living (I'm a newish reader) and just had to comment. My husband lived in the Lofts on Church before we got married, and while it was really cool being downtown and within walking distance of awesome things (I miss walking to the Market on early mornings and having yummy food within steps), I was not a fan of those particular lofts. The building was very small, the apartments got very, very dusty easily, which bothered me a ton, and the windows, while huge and pretty, were almost impossible to clean. And, we could hear EVERYTHING outside... Just thought I'd throw that out there in case you start checking out loft apartments anytime soon! Good luck!

  3. good luck! I hope that the house sells quickly for you, but not too quickly for you either! Does that make sense? Love that "we've moved" card you made!


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