Saturday, November 6, 2010

Decorating an Apartment

I could easily win the "worst blogger" award right now.  Sorry about that.  No excuses really, just lazy and busy.  (Can you be both at the same time? I'm pretty sure I'm doing it.)

Anyways, I have a major decorating itch, but since we are (hopefully) moving in the semi-near future, it seems silly to do anything major at our house.  Besides, my itch is mostly just for a new space to play with... 

I'm loving these colorful kitchen bar stools from CSN Stores.  (Because, everyone knows a loft apartment doesn't have room for a kitchen table.)  How fun are they?

I'm also obsessed with the "gallery wall" right now.  The PERFECT solution to un-paintable walls.  Emily Clark (another blog I love) posted about this recently.  She suggested printing pictures from the internet to frame.  I'm going to take a different twist on this and use pictures from the Anthropologie catalog.  Have you seen the most recent one?  It is FULL of entire page prints of animals doing cool-trendy things. ART I tell you!! (Jeff just rolled his eyes when I told him this idea.  Direct quote: "I looked through that catalog yesterday and it made me HATE Anthropologie. It is ridiculous.  Who advertises clothes like that? And, who pays 50 bucks for a squirrel lamp."  Clearly, I have a ways to go on this idea. Haha!)

 Is it just me, or would this look ah-mazing on my living room wall.  Who doesn't love a llama?

AND, I'm day-dreaming about this beauty from my friend Nikki's new Etsy store, 3 Blooms.  I hesitate to even show it, because someone might buy it... But, she's my friend, so I can just have her make me another one!  (Right Nik?) Again, I feel like painted furniture with color and cute details are a GREAT addition to an otherwise "bland" space.  (Btw, she's having a 3 Blooms giveaway on her blog NOW. Go.)

Oh, my brain is going to EXPLODE!  I love it!

"For Sale" sign is going in the yard today... Ahhh!

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  1. Oh wow-a few things. 1. Saw that llama a few days ago and immediately saved it in my pics. LOVED it. So with you on that one. (JEFF! How can you NOT love a necklace wearing llama?) 2. Had no idea youre moving. We need to talk. 3. Thank you so much for the special on my giveaway! Have had a lot of interest in it, the only problem is the expense of shipping.
    Love ya a LOT!


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