Friday, October 8, 2010

House Tour: Kitchen

I'm happy to brighten things up a little this morning with a tour of my sunny kitchen... I know most of you have already seen a lot of these; but, one more glimpse won't hurt!

Here you go...
(FYI: Fridge is just to the left of this photo at a right angle.)
 Dear neighbors, I hope you don't mind watching us wash our dishes.  We quite enjoy spying on your dinner time!  ;)

 One of the few bowls of REAL fruit I have in the house!

 FAKE fruit and an apron WAY too cute to actually cook in.  I have ruined many a shirt in favor of preserving the apron - a wedding gift from my "trendy" friend Amanda.

And the infamous... "Wall of Fame."  (Sorry friends - I hope I didn't invade anyone's privacy too much here!)

I like our kitchen a lot - especially the bead board back-splash (say that six times fast) and the color... Neither of which we picked out.  (We bought from a family with great taste! *Many of you have asked for the names of paint colors recently.  I promise, I'm not avoiding those questions on purpose.  I just don't know!  A lot of our stuff was already done when we moved in, and often I'll have a color custom done at Lowe's to match something else.  Sorry!)  

BUT, in our next place... I would definitely NOT want white cabinets/appliances!  Those blasted things are NEVER clean!  Not good for a slightly obsessive compulsive scrubber...

Finally, although it's not very big, there is plenty of space for what I do in it.  I don't think I'll ever be one for investing TONS in a gourmet kitchen... I'm really more of a "living room" kind-of gal.  Small, bright, non-white, and stainless steel for me please!  (Check out more kitchens at Kelly's Korner!)

Oh, and a BONUS:
 A close-up of the hearty beef-stew my cute "House Husband" made for dinner last night all by himself.  I realize that a close-up of stew isn't exactly pretty; but, I wanted to document this to show our kids one day! ;)

We're off this afternoon to Northern Virginia for my Aunt Trisha's memorial service.  Please say a prayer for my family... That there will be peace and sweet time together!  Love ya'll!


  1. I LOVE your kitchen!! It's very cute and cozy! The paint color you chose is amazing! It really brightens up your space!

  2. you never cease to amaze me with your decorating abilities! i love it!
    would you mind coming over to my place and putting your touch on it! your kitchen is amazing! i love all the little details you have done to make it yours :)

  3. Your kitchen is so pretty, so cozy and inviting! I love the colors and the white cabinets! It looks great!

  4. Love your kitchen! Green, white and yellow is so fresh and pretty!

  5. Cute! Love the colors & that back splash.


  6. Cute kitchen.. that soup looks delish!

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors! What a precious kitchen!

    Happy Friday!

  8. What a cute and cozy kitchen. Love the wall of fame! I will be praying for your family as they deal with this time of loss

  9. Oh, I am LOVIN' the bead board...and that color of green is AWESOME! This is a super cute kitchen!

  10. Love your kitchen walls!!! So pretty!

  11. This is SO CUTE!!! I love it! The color is perfect and I love the "wall of fame" !!!

  12. Wow! What a beautiful room. I love your color scheme. Just gorgeous.

  13. Love the backsplash!! Great kitchen!

  14. You know I love your kitchen! Although I certainly wouldn't call myself "trendy," even with the quotation marks :) I'm going to have to get you a not-quite-as-cute apron that you'll actually wear-- I have about three and love wearing them! Thinking of you and your family. Love.


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