Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Social Network

First of all, thanks to all of you who prayed for my family this weekend... It was really nice being with family and having some closure after a heavy week.  I LOVE seeing my dad with his brothers and sisters.  Seriously, it is one of my favorite things.  He and his three brothers could easily be mistaken for quadruplets... Makes me want to have a lot of kids, and wish I had more siblings (not that Kathryn isn't enough to handle on her own!)  And, that I got to see all my aunts and uncles more often.

We came home from Northern Virginia late last night, and Jeff I decided to have a "date day" today, since the last few weeks have been so crazy & busy.  First, we played hooky from church (don't judge) so that we could have our relaxed coffee time!  (This is something we really try to do every Saturday morning, just the two of us; but the last two have been neglected because of other obligations... So, we had some missed time to make-up for.) It was nice having some time together without a real "agenda."  We (as in, people in general) don't do enough of that.

Anyways, As part of our "date day," we also saw the movie The Social Network.  Have you seen it yet?  I really loved it!  I learned today that the CEO - Mark Zuckerberg - is exactly the same age as me!  He started the company (which is now worth 25 BILLION dollars) when we both were sophomores in college.) It was cool seeing how Facebook got started from behind the scenes, since I definitely remember it hitting the "college world" my junior year...

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When Jeff and I left for a semester in London - people were still into AOL and "instant messaging" each other.  We had "away messages" and did all of our social planning and communicating through this.  In fact, I still refer to some of my high school & college "friends" strictly by their AOL screen names.  (Mine was "Izzy2002" - Haha!)

By the time we returned, in December of 2004, EVERYONE was talking about "The Facebook."  (Which, by the way, I still call THE.Facebook and still type out "" every time I want to go to the site.  I'm old school.  Clearly.)  I created a profile before all the colleges even had access to the site (I specifically remember waiting for some of my friends at smaller colleges to "get it"), much less high schoolers and senior citizens!  (No offense high schoolers and senior citizens.)

It is pretty wild to think about how much Facebook has shaped my generation.  How words/sayings like "Facebook me," or "It's Facebook official," are totally common in conversation, etc.  Communication will probably NEVER be the same.

I mean, let's be honest... Last year I actually had "No Facebook February" because I'd become so addicted. I also wrote this post about how it gives me a complex sometimes.   It is the world we live in.

Awesome movie.  It makes you think.  About a lot of things. Watch it.


  1. lol, I love the "it's facebook official", my little sis and I like to joke around with my brother who is now a freshman in college. He keeps posting pics of him and random girls and we reassure my mom that he isn't serious about anyone because no one has been facebook status worthy! lol (though putting up pics of him with random girls = so not cool!)

  2. I haven't seen it yet but after your review I may have to check it out. I am addicted to facebook too. Soemtimes its shameful how adicted. lol

  3. Hi,Nice blog here..
    I follow you,, Hope You follow me too! ;)

  4. I remember being jealous that my sister, who is younger and attended a much bigger college, had it before I did. When I got the first "friend" invite from a person not in college, I knew the world would never be the same! I'm planning on going Facebook free, but only for a week, in the near future (and it's all dependent on if a certain team makes the world series - too many college friends are obnoxious with their comments). It'll definitely be a challenge, as it's always open in the background.

  5. I love that you call it "THEFacebook" too...I totally do that too!

  6. I LOVED this movie too! It was cool to see how it all started, remembering the same things you mentioned-- lots of my friends didn't have it because they went to small colleges, waiting for it to get to them, etc. Awesome movie.

  7. Just catching up on your posts! So sorry about your loss. Your kitchen is super beautiful, I am jealous. I haven't seen the movie, and probably won't. I'm finding Facebook to be a lot of work and I'm plagued by old high school people who wouldn't give me the time of day now trying to friend me. I feel like I'm rude if I ignore it, but I have zero desire to know them, it's why I don't attend reunions. Too much pressure on THE FACEBOOK :)

  8. Just popping in from BC. Great blog. I haven't seen Social Network but I think I will. I am not on Facebook. I have enough trouble keeping up with my blog and logging WAY too many hours on the computer as it is but sometimes I think I have missing out. Oh well. I guess when my kids are on it, I will be forced to join to keep up and monitor.


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