Sunday, November 21, 2010


Currently, I am sitting in the Charlotte airport (more on my trip to Orlando SOON) wearing sweats, no make-up, and eating a bag of $5.00 caramel popcorn that I actually bought in Disney for Granny, but got too tempted and ripped it open about an hour ago.

Don't judge... my first flight out this morning was at 5AM.  And, because I took advantage of our resort's free airport transportation, I had to be ready to go at 2AM.  (Therefore, it is - clearly - after lunch time on my clock.)

I will admit that most of what I've been doing this morning involves sleeping in awkward places ,like the floor or weaved around uncomfortable chairs with hard plastic arm rests.  But, in my few waking moments, I am enjoying one of my favorite past times: People Watching.  

I LOVE airports.  More specifically, I love the people in airports.  I love looking at outfits, and families, and creating elaborate travel destinations and stories for everyone in my head.  (Oh, and it is a HUGE added bonus when people choose to talk on their cell phones loudly in the seating areas.  It's like an eavesdropper's dream!)

A few observations this morning:

- For the most part, people dress up to travel.  By 8:30, people are in full stiletto boots, suits, and make-up.  (Honestly, 4AM is a totally different story.  People look ROUGH.)

- If you are chubby, you may as well take the train.  ONLY leggings are allowed on young females in airports.

- The vast majority of travelers are in couples.  Usually, the wife is totally in control, and the husband is carrying some sort of ultra-girly Vera Bradley duffle bag.

- People over the age of 50, find the self check-in to be incredibly mysterious and difficult.  This morning, I helped a man figure out to type his first name ONLY in the slot labeled "first name" and last name ONLY in the slot labeled "last name."  Several people in the line behind us stared at me in awe, and then one lady said: "Wow, you must really travel a lot."

- If you are traveling home from a college football game, you MUST dress entirely in head-to-toe school colors so that everyone knows where you are coming from. Then, you must be shocked when people ask you how the team played yesterday. 

- Flight Attendants are a variety pack. 

Time to load... Home Sweet Home!


  1. lol, I love the college football attire, awesome! I'm a huge fan of people watching myself.... hope you have a good flight!

  2. did you get a full body scan and / or and better yet the PAT DOWN????
    Oh, and that would be me at the self check in thing!!!
    welcome home, i have called and called, you never answer your dang phone!!


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