Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Weekend in Review

First of all, sorry it's taken so long to get this up...

Second, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my AWESOME DAD (11/13) & my WONDERFUL MOTHER-IN-LAW (11/15)!!!  I am so lucky to have, not one, but two wonderful/ HIP parents to celebrate in mid-November!

Ok...On to my weekend:

Most of it was spent here -
The Stocked Market is a fundraiser put on by the Junior League every November to support our community.  This year, I was on the committee that helped plan the event - and I use the terms "helped plan" VERY loosely - so I had to work pretty much the entire show.  It made for a long weekend, but it was definitely for a good cause - each year we raise hundreds of thousands of dollars that go directly towards our Childhood Health Initiative right here in Roanoke.  Nothing like a little shopping with a purpose!  Plus, it was a good time spent with girls and an excellent place to catch up with just about everyone I know in this city.
Not to worry though, in between shifts at the SM, I did manage to squeeze in some fun.

Starting with, a little date with Carrie Underwood. (And a side of Billy Currington.)
Some friends of ours from "The Big Chill" (i.e. my mom's sorority sisters and their kids) came in from out of town to go to the concert and celebrate Jennifer's Sweet 16!!  I'm the oldest of the Big Chill kids, and Jennifer is the youngest; so, I must admit, this made me a feel a little old!  First, her parents surprised her with a car for her birthday; then, we all had an awesome dinner at one of my favorite spots downtown; and, later, Carrie stopped her incredible flying truck DIRECTLY in front of us so she could show the birthday girl a little love.  Such a fun night!!
  Who is getting the new car?  The birthday girl or my mom?
She really put on a great show... I was impressed by what a "super star" she was.  I mean, not in a bad way, but she just carried herself like a star -- flying around the arena and all.  Plus, I thought it was pretty cool how diverse her music is - or at least the subject matter.  One minute she was singing about slashing her cheating boyfriend's tires, and the next it was "Jesus Take the Wheel" with a chorus from "How Great Thou Art."  Very powerful.
Anyway, Saturday night, we drove to one of my favorite wineries for a birthday dinner with Jeff's family; and, Sunday evening we had two of our favorite couples over for tacos to cap off the weekend. (Sorry, no pictures.  I got lazy.) 

Needless to say, I started back to work yesterday a bit tired; but, I won't be here long....

By Thursday afternoon I'll be HERE for the National English Teachers Conference.
...And then, before I know it, it'll be Thanksgiving! Lots to be thankful for! It's a good life I live!


  1. Oh wow. Looks like you had a very fun weekend! I bet the concert was a blast!

  2. Awww-- are you going to Disney and crossing something off your 30 list. Jen

  3. Oh it is such a good life, and we all do have so much to be thankful for!!! Glad to finally have a blog back from you, honey!!!

  4. Wonderful blog post E! But you didn't say anything about how awful Songs of Sylvia were!
    And sorry the quality of my pictures were so terrible. My camera is getting out and kinda sucks.

  5. Looks like an amazing week! Great post :) Made me smile. I saw Carrie Underwood about 2 years ago and she really is a class act. Such a great show. Have fun at Disney!


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