Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy 2011!

We're feeling good at the Chapman house today (well, at least I am... Jeff may or may not be another story)...

Thanks to a little mid-afternoon nap yesterday, I made it until midnight to see the ball drop.  Then, I was home snug as a rug in my bed by 12:30.  The perfect New Year's Eve with good friends.  (I'm waiting for someone to post pictures on Facebook, since I seem to have misplaced my dad's my camera.)

In addition to a great night, much of yesterday was spent being productive around the house.  An annual deep clean, if you will.  There are few things in life I love more than a clean, organized house.  (Sad, I know.)  Today, I'm hoping to finish organizing my closets (which, thanks to some generous relatives are stocked with some cute clothes to see me through the growing months up ahead) and enjoying the last two days before I go back to work.

Which brings me to my 2011 resolution...

It's short and sweet this year, which is fitting for a year with so many big changes ahead...

To simplify.

That's it.  In 2011, I hope to get rid of more (clothes, furniture, a house, and unnecessary obligations/stressors) and commit to less.  I'm going to be pregnant for six months of the year, and a new mom for the other... If this isn't a good (and important) time to simplify my life, I don't know what is.  

So, in the spirit of that, I'm starting the year off with a massive trip to the Goodwill.  (I know, I know... I just could not make it before the end of the year.)  Then, I'm going to avoid grading papers by getting my nails painted (see below) and my car washed, and top off the day with traditional black-eyed peas at my parents' house tonight.

Welcome 2011.

And, just for kicks... Here are a few other "mini-resolutions:"

1. Make my bed most days.  (I used to do this religiously, but Jeff - and a job - has ruined me.)
2. Exercise at least three days a week.  (It wouldn't be a new year without some resolution like this.)
3. Take more pictures.
4. Keep my toe-nails painted and my finger nails clean.
5. Read the Bible more.

What are your resolutions?!?!


  1. Great resolutions and best of luck to you in achieving them. I especially love the main one of "To Simplify."

    I am working on a list of resolutions and I think I am getting a little carried away! They go all over the map from financial to spiritual to silly things like learning how to sew a button (I don't know why but I find that task really intimidating).

    I am so excited about the new year. Let us begin!

  2. I don't think I could ever commit to making my bed every morning. That's sad, I know, but I would NEVER do it.

    Good luck working on your resolutions!


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