Friday, December 31, 2010

2010: Year In Review

Jeff and I are anxiously awaiting 2011... I mean, it's just a hunch, but I think it will be pretty big -- you know, between a new job (fingers crossed), a new home (fingers crossed again), a new city (maybe), a NEW BABY, and - the latest in denim revolution - pajama jeans... Something tells me it will be a good year.
Either way, at times recently, we've said that 2010 has been a hard year.  There are a lot of unknowns in our life right now. BUT... When I look back at the last twelve months, I feel nothing but thankful...

So, before we officially say goodbye to 2010, let's take a little trip down memory lane, shall we?  (I'll just throw this out there... this post is mostly for me - and maybe my mom.  Feel free to skim/skip if you want...  Twelve months is a LONG time. No offense taken.)
January: My New Year's Resolution last year was to watch more TV.  This might be my first successful resolution EVER in history.  Pretty exciting.  In addition to television, January was full of important thoughts and discussions on: Wendy's Frosty Club, bra anxiety, diets (of course), coffee, neti-pots, jeggings, eavesdropping, leftovers, doppelgangers, and Kathryn at the Grammy's.  Clearly,  it was a busy month.

February: In February, I gave up Facebook.  I will probably do it again this year (anyone in?).  It was good for me, and my mom loved it!  We also got tons of snow, I threw away my brand new Kindle, broke my nose (completely forgot about that), had my first blog giveaway (in celebration of my first 50 followers, how wild is that?), allowed my sister to guest post (she said she would never do it again because I "edited" her so much --- gotta keep this PG-13), and talked way too much about The Bachelor.

March: March began with The Flat Belly Diet.  That worked out real well.  
Which, was followed by a 10k that I signed up for with two college friends, but in reality ended up watching from our hotel room while eating gummy bears.  (In our defense, one of my friends was pregnant; and, for that matter, I became pregnant a mere seven months later.)
Yes, Addy also fell in love with Nacho. 
Oh well, at least... my master bedroom won a contest (thanks to you), I hosted two real give-aways (as in, people actually wanted the gifts), had a blog friend mail me yellow books, got my adorable blog make-over from Tricia Nae (new one on the way... promise), wrote the most blog posts per month to date, AND... celebrated my golden birthday with the release of my 30 Before 30 List!!! 

Plus, I saw T.Swift (and promptly became obsessed) in Charlottesville with some of my favorite girls ever.  Priceless. 

April: I fooled you all into believing a had a movie deal (right),  joined The Nester's Mantle Party, and introduced the first ever Bachelor of the Week.  (Just look at that face... still single ladies, and living in the midwest now.  Any takers?)

I also helped my mom and MIL plan a beautiful Lovebirds and Linens wedding shower for my best friend Amanda.

May: Started with a wild trip to Nashville to see Jimmy Buffet during the biggest flood of the century.  (We didn't let it stop us.)

My custodian asked if I was pregnant (I wasn't); I started doing Zumba, planned the prom, celebrated Amanda's bachelorette days, and... ADDY WON US $1,500!!! (Edited: Typo.  She did not win us $15,000.  Oh how I wish!)

June: I ended my third year of teaching and saw my first group of sophomores graduate.  (This year is officially my "senior" year.) We shaved Addy, Amanda and Davey tied the knot (and I got a terrible spray tan). I beached it with my family for a week (while Poppy slept 99% of the time), and my blog celebrated its first birthday. Tzu and Diana got married in Raleigh, & we celebrated our third anniversary by packing the bags for three weeks on the road...

July: Jeff and I drove across the country for three weeks.  (Trip of a lifetime.) We also said goodbye to our dear Gracie, and welcomed Jonathan into our exclusive group of "The Twelve" as he married Jenni in Valdosta. 

August: I played kickball (and actually made it all the way around the bases this year... once), started Mid-Week Laughs (a royal flop, perhaps 2011 will be better), celebrated Pryor and Gregg's marriage, dressed like a zedonk, re-modeled my laundry room, and started my fourth year of teaching at my alma mater. 

September: Um... 9-02-10.  :)  Also, a camping trip with our good friends Jake and Amanda that resulted in SEED TICKS for Addy, Labor Day at the lake, and a trip to Clemson with the gang to see the Tigers play.

Oh, and Jeff quit his job.  No big deal.

October: I danced for Breast Cancer (as part of 31 Days of Healthy Living that lasted all of about 3), hosted the 4th Annual Chapman Oktoberfest, reached 300 blog followers, saw Boyz II Men in concert, attended DaPalooza III, and found yet another way to incorporate sweatpants into my Halloween costume.
 November: We put our house on the market. Kathryn went sky-diving (since we're related, I can include this in my year-in-review). I helped pull off the Junior League Stocked Market, saw Carrie Underwood in Concert, presented at the National Teachers of English Conference at DISNEY WORLD, hosted a Thanksgiving Table Decorating Contest, oh and found out some pretty darn exciting news...

And December:  In December, I became the worst blogger ever.  (I haven't written so few posts since my first three months blogging.)  I did, however, enjoy a wonderful white Christmas and share my BIG NEWS with the world!!!
Honestly, it's almost embarrassing how much fun we had in twenty-ten.  It's incredible to think about how much will happen this next year.  We are so blessed!

Thanks for reading!! (Now, and all year long!) Resolutions to come tomorrow!


  1. Well... I'd call that a successful year indeed! =)

  2. Looks like you had a great year!! I've always wanted to drive across the country, I bet that really was a blast! Wishing you the best in 2011!

  3. you definitely had a great year! 2011 I'm sure will be just as good! :)

  4. I am crying!! 2010 was a great year indeed, but I have a feeling that 2011 is going to be a little better! My favorite pic of 2010 was Poppy at the beach! That's a trip we will never forget!! Happy New Year, Honey.... I love you so very much, and cannot wait to read what all your going to share about baby Chapman on the way!!!!

  5. What a massive year you had! I really enjoyed reading about it all.

    I hope this year is just a good (if not better). Congratulations on your pregnancy!

  6. Elizabeth, I'm so excited for you and Jeff. I know that this year will be "ONE" of the best in your lives. I want to share this wonderful ride with you.....well... the tears are coming now. I love you lots. Aunt D

  7. Congratulations! Happy 2011! :)


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