Thursday, February 10, 2011

Maternity Clothes

Friends, I am struggling with my clothes these days.  At only a mere 18 weeks (almost), I feel as big as a whale and am uncomfortable in most all of my "regular" clothes. It turns out I will NOT be one of the lucky ones that can get away with the "rubberband trick" or just buying one size up for my pregnancy.  No, no.  I will be a maternity clothes girl through and through.  Of course. 

Which brings me to my dilemma...  What does a pregnant girl wear to look cute and still feel comfortable?  Especially one that - in the words of my dear mom - "is pregnant all over, not just in the belly"? 

It's incredible how cute maternity clothes look when you are NOT pregnant.  Now, I just browse the aisles of Old Navy and Target mourning the loss of cute spring dresses and disgusted by the ugly prints and gigantic tie-in-the-back elastic bands in the maternity section.  Ugg.

In their defense, you know how much I love Old Navy's maternity "skinny" jeans. (Thank you ON for calling them that!)  But, unfortunately, I can't wear these every day of my life.  And... I think I can make it (although it won't be cute) in cotton dresses and black stretch pants (they aren't really stretch pants, but that's what they feel like) for regular work... But, I have FIVE weddings and a prom to attend between March and May.  I would really prefer to feel like a cute-pregnant there.  Is that too much to ask?   

**Oh, and don't get me started on the hot summer... I'm already having slight panic attacks at the thought of sleeveless tops/dresses. Dis.gus.ting.**

I know many of you have been there and managed to still look adorable. Please share your tricks! What did you wear to "special events" during your pregnancy?  Where did you shop? 

Thanks friends!

P.S. Has anyone tried to go to Shabby Apple online lately?  I LOVE their dresses and I know they have a maternity line, but every time I try their website it takes SOOOO long to load.  What gives?


  1. my sister wrote a super cute post when she was pregnant about "dressing for your bump." maybe you'll find something inspiring there!

    she was a teacher, too while pregnant and had the most hilarious things said to her by students.

    hope you're able to find some comfy, but cute clothes! :)

  2. I know your summer time pregnancy pain!! I didn't go to any fancy events, but I found a ton of cute maternity tops at Kohl's. I also had luck with Motherhood Maternity when buying dresses and nicer tops for showers and church! Good Luck and chin up! I lived in sun dresses and rainbows :)

  3. What about leggings? I know it's about to get warm, but one of my gf's who had a baby two weeks ago pretty much lived in her black leggings and 2 or so sweater dresses. She works at a law firm so she couldn't wear jeans every day either. It's fun to have choices, but maybe treat yourself to a few nice things you really like so even if you have to wear the same thing every two days, hey, you look and feel good! I guess it all gets complicated by the fact that the baby will get bigger! Maybe there's a site like for Maternity clothes?

  4. indeed:

  5. Oh I hear you girl. I have some nicer tops from Motherhood Maternity (that they also sell at Macy's). I've been looking for a new top for my shower and have had NO luck!

  6. In defense of the comment made by your "dear mom;" remember, she is the one who's brother remarked "even her EYELIDS are Fat!" when she was pregnant WITH YOU! :-) Love, "Dear dad"

  7. You looked adorable at Kroger tonight! And even your mom agreed when I saw her at Zumba - no worries :) Whatever you're doing is working for you. But I agree that fitted dresses/tunics are better than most of the creepy maternity blouses out there.

  8. I have gotten the majority of my maternity clothes at Kohls and Gap online. So many things look cute on the rack and then when I try them on I dont feel attractive at ALL so it is hit or miss but those would be my suggestions!

  9. Craigslist is great for moms wanting to unload their maternity clothes. I was given two large rubbermaid tubs of gently used clothes this way! H&M has very cute maternity clothes, and they are cheap! I invested in a few maternity camis for summer, as I am short and bras started to rub against the baby bump...and were also very hot and uncomfortable for summer time! Also, a nice flowey maxi dress will go a long way in the hot summer months...and can be worn post-baby as comfortable post-pardem wear!

  10. LOVE this post! I agree with you - cute maternity clothes are not only hard to find, but expensive as well!

  11. oops- I was signed in as my hubby above. I promise he doesn't look for maternity clothes. :)


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