Wednesday, February 9, 2011

No Blog February?

Don't worry... I'm still here.  In response to D's text last night: No, No Facebook February, does NOT mean No Blog February.  Sorry friends for my impromptu nine day blogging sabbatical.

Even with nine days under my belt, I still don't have much to talk about.  Here are a few highlights of what I've been up to:

- Friday, we had our 16 week (even though I was only one day from being 17 weeks) check-up with the doctor.  Baby C is growing right on track and everything seems great.  Our BIG appointment to find out the gender (and also check major organs and such) is on March 2nd.  We are literally counting down the days! (Lots more on this to come!)  In the meantime, Jeff and I were watching one of those crime TV shows the other night, and the opening scene was this horrific murder - I've never heard someone screaming in so much pain and agony.  It was too much to handle, so I asked Jeff to change the channel until that part was over.  Anyway, when we switched back we realized it was not a murder scene, but a labor sceneAwesome.  I prefer focusing on things like nursery design and baby names for at least a little while longer... :)

- We finally had someone contact us about viewing our house on Saturday afternoon.  (It's been on the market since mid-November; and, although we know this isn't exactly "selling season," it's been slightly discouraging to get NO attention.)  Jeff and I worked like DOGS all day and, if I do say so myself, our house has NEVER looked better.  We pulled out all the stops, even big vases of fresh flowers and chocolate chip cookies straight out of the oven.  For a minute, I contemplated not selling.  :)  Anyway, we heard from the realtor on Monday and she said that the people really loved our house, but are looking for something with one more bathroom.  Bummer!  Oh well, we know how to do it now; and, we're hoping this house showing thing takes off as the weather warms up!

- I also had a little "gig" this past week addressing wedding invitations for a friend.  I think I have nice handwriting, but I've never been asked to do anything like this before.  It's a big wedding, so from Thursday to Monday, I addressed over 200 invitations -- each one done very meticulously, and many re-done several times (thank goodness she had plenty of extras).  I didn't mind doing this a bit - in fact, I kind-of loved reading all the old Southern names (perfect for someone naming a baby); but, it definitely made me appreciate my uncle who did this major task for us (for free!) a few years ago.  It is SO easy to forget all that goes into planning a wedding... For example, I bet you didn't know that if a male is invited with a date, you say Mr..... and Guest.  But, if a female is invited with a date, you say Miss.... and Escort.  (Sounds sort-of inappropriate doesn't it?)

Anyway, now you know what's kept me from blogging.  All that, plus watching The Bachelor (I am SO over Michelle), grading massive stacks of papers, and napping whenever I can.  ;)  Clearly, I haven't missed Facebook at all!!  (Anyone else participating... how's it going for you?)


  1. My FAVORITE baby name ever, I actually saw on a wedding invitation sample when we were planning our wedding. It's my super secret "hope we have a girl" name. :)

  2. OMG...I love it! "escort". I want to hurry up and get married so I can put that on my invitations. Wow. That sounded lame. Anyway, glad to hear you haven't disappeared, and that you've been a good way :)

  3. I was seriously just about to e-mail Kathryn to make sure everything was ok! haha glad you're back, I need my E baby fix!

  4. Michelle is a whole new level of crazy I've never even witnessed before. I think Brad may secretly be into that aggressive stuff she does (i.e. grabbing his face)

  5. so over michelle too. i'm pretty sure he's over her too and she's just still there for drama/ratings.

    also, i started no facebook february and gave in about two days later. i haven't told anyone, so now i'm just secretly stalking friends and not commenting so no one knows "i'm back." i did give it up for no facebook november back in the fall.

  6. i agree - michelle is pure evil!

  7. the never ending grading of a high school teacher. Right there with ya! And I have not yet given into No FB February, although I'm not much of a good FBer anyway. It's just good for me to practice some sort of disclipine. :)

  8. yay- you're back! i've missed you!


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