Monday, February 21, 2011


I don't have anything of value to write today... It is 3:45 in the morning, and I'm awake because I had terrible heartburn.  I'm drinking water, and surfing the internet, and diagnosing myself with every horrible pregnancy-related condition because that's what I do when I am up in the middle of the night.  It's not good.  So, I decided to blog instead.

We had a good weekend.  Two of my mom's college girlfriends were in town with their daughters.  One of them (the daughters) has a 16 month old, so it was fun to talk pregnancy and baby with her.  She was real and honest, which I appreciated a lot.  I always feel like I'm prepared for what this pregnancy will bring - ultimately, a baby, but also all the symptoms and changes in the next 20 weeks - but then, I realize you can't ever really be fully prepared.  I think that's a good realization.

On Saturday we had brunch together and then just hung out and visited and went shopping at one of my new favorite "boutiquey" stores --- not that I can buy anything. I'm on the fast track to HUGE, so it would be a waste of money. :)  Later, we had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants The Homeplace.  It is family-style country cooking way up in the mountains.  We don't eat there often - mainly because the wait is long and you always feel sick when you leave from overeating - but it is the perfect place to take out of town guests.  It was a treat.  It might also be the reason why I'm having heartburn.

Then yesterday, we had a Realtor call and want to show our house... So, we skipped church and spent the whole morning scrubbing and making her look as good as possible.  (Ultimately, I think she looked pretty darn good.)  I'm realizing that I can't do nearly as much as I used to without getting tired and groggy.  For example, around 11AM - I had been cleaning since 8 - I HAD to take a small nap.  Poor Jeff.

Anyway, it's always interesting to prepare our house "to show."  I wonder what people think of us when they look in our fridge and our pantry (all the baked Cheetos and Doritos, for example), and our closets and basement, etc.  I wonder if people can tell I am pregnant.  Or that we are high school sweethearts and got married young.  Or Christians. Or, that I'm a teacher, and we like to entertain... All the things I base my identity on, but who knows if it comes through in my house.  It's a weird experience really.  I'd love to be a fly on the wall.

So they looked, and we wait.  That's the name of the game.  Every time I just want to sell our house so that we don't have to "prepare" it to sell anymore - not that we've really done that much.  But really, I'm just thankful that people are interested.  Jeff and I both feel like March will be a good month for us.  Don't know why, but we just do.  For a job and our house.  Can you pray for that?  

Ok, I'm feeling a little better now.  Thanks for reading my ramble.  I'm going to try to get some more sleep so I'll be prepared for another work week.  Have a good Monday!


  1. Elizabeth,

    I delt with my bad heartburn for a few days before I finally went to Dr. Walsh and got a perscription for it. It has helped A LOT! I was hesitant to take something, but I need to sleep before baby P gets here in April. Momma to be needs her sleep.


  2. YUCK. I had heartburn last week (only no baby to show for it) and it was miserable. And I think that's a fun thing to think about: whether people can tell "who" you are by your house. We would think about stuff like that when we were looking at houses, too. And when I'm watching house-hunting shows on HGTV.

  3. It helps if you eat a mainly plant-based diet if you are experiencing heart burn while pregnant. Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables not only will help you but will ensure the baby gets plenty of vitamins and nutrients!

    If you have any questions, check out this book:

  4. have you gotten the St Joseph's statue yet? Seriously, google it. My husband and I put our house up for sale a year and a half ago I guess, it sat for 5 months without much attention. Finally I went and bought the statue (it's like $5), I got home with it that night with intentions of burying it later. The NEXT DAY we got a call to show the house, so I had no time to bury the statue, I just left it sitting on the t.v. stand. The day after the showing we had an offer and within a month from the day I bought the statue we had signed the final papers and sold our house!!!!! Good luck girl, and good luck with the heartburn, I had that killer when I was preggers. Do you take Tums?

  5. Our house is on the market too and it blows! We've had several people come back 3 and 4 times and then choose another house. Heart breaking! My cousin was just telling me about the St. Joseph's statue that the above person talked about. I might have to try that too! Good luck with the heartburn, that hurts! Maybe try zantac? I did when I was pregnant and it helped out tons!

  6. just came across your blog :) its so cute! don't worry about the house girl- it'll be fine! xoxo

  7. Elizabeth,

    I got pretty bad heartburn, too, in the second trimester...but it got better by the third trimester once the baby started to drop. It was worst in the evening after dinner. It helped to stay sitting up after eating for a few hours (even though all I wanted to do was lay down on the couch!), and to eat smaller portions, more frequently (ie: don't let myself get super hungry and then gorge, b/c a full stomach = heartburn!). I think my height (short!) also contributed to the heartburn--I started to run out of room! It gets better, though!


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