Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Clean Girl

Addy has been SOOO stinky and stringy looking lately.  Seriously, she took being a teenager a little too seriously for my taste and went for a "grunge" look these last few weeks.  

Luckily, she still lives under our roof and "grunge" is not our style... So, today, she got the chop.  Her hair that is.  Take a look at my clean girl:

Jeff emailed me this picture at work after he picked her up.  Doesn't she look so cute?  Part puppy, part lamb, part Labrador - all with a big bushy tail.  Her perfectly manicured feet are my favorite... Just this morning she looked like the Grinch with big tufts of hair growing between her toes.  

I just love it!  And, at least I tell myself, she feels a lot better too. More confident and thin.  You know, all the things a haircut does for us gals.

(P.S. I know it looks like we live with dirt floors... I prefer to call it au naturale/ rustic hardwood... Speaking of "grunge.")

So... this is basically step 1 of "Operation: Get Dog Ready for Baby."  We want to keep her clean and try our hardest to cut down on extra hair around the house etc.  (Probably impossible, but worth a try!)  We figured we'd go ahead and get started now with some of these things so that she won't feel like this "darn baby" ruined her life.  Haha.

Step 2 is teaching her not to sleep in our bed.  This is proving to be quite a process... Probably a good thing we allowed ourselves five months. So far, she goes to bed on her bed but, sneakily finds her way back into ours throughout the night.  I know, deep down, that we need to close her out of our bedroom - but it just breaks my heart.  (I'm going to be a freak mother - let's just get that out there.)  Any tips?

We're taking a class next month called "Introducing Your Four-Legged Baby to Your New Baby."  I'm so excited for it.  I'm sure I'll have lots of info to share then.  In the meantime, what did you do to prepare your dog for a baby? Please share!


  1. We didn't do too much to prepare our furry baby for our twins. She has always done a great job with friends' kids so we just hoped she would do okay with ours. So far so good. She just worries about them when they whine but is getting used to it. It has only been a week and a half.

  2. I'm sure Schub already told this to jeff, but he used to pull on Nacho's ears and his tail and stick his hands in his mouth and stuff, just to make sure he didn't mind and never got aggressive... which of course he didn't. And it's a good thing b/c Adelaide is at the age where she is grabbing EVERYTHING in her reach - including nacho's ears! it's so cute. E - I'm waiting for you to do a post on The Bachelor again... I'm blaming you for the fact that I am even watching it :-)

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  4. i hope you share! I have wondered how my fievel will take it when we bring home a baby!

    addy looks cute! :)

  5. We made sure that all of the toys that made noise, moved, etc.(her vibrating lamb seat) were all turned on at some point and they got to smell them listen to them and get used to those noises. Everything we opened and put away in the babies nursery was sniffed out first by the furry ones.

  6. I've had a similar problem trying to get our dog to stop sleeping on our bed. Weird thing, she won't sleep in it while we're sleeping, but whenever we're not in that room. She gives that saddest of sad eyes when we make her get down.

  7. Haha Lindsey I blame E that I'm watching the Batchelor too but I'm secretly thankful ;)
    E - Bella's feet are my favorite too and how short they cut her haur around the eyes! I think I like her hair cuts more than mine ;)

  8. Gaaahhh...I love that you are taking that class! I make Louis sleep in his bed, but every now and again he whines and cries and I'm just too darn lazy to bother to teach him a lesson. And I got and pick him up and carry him to my bed. I carry him! And alas...that is how it is in our house.

    But with the baby en route, I do think you may have to have a little conversation with Miss A. I can't wait to hear about your class :)


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