Friday, February 25, 2011

simpl E print

Today on Kelly's Korner, bloggers are sharing "What You Make."

Mine is a bit of a stretch... but, I recently started a little business (and I use the words "started" and "business" very loosely) in handwriting.  *I know, who really hand writes anything anymore? 

Anyway, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to at least show off my cute new business cards - designed by Tricia Nae (of course).

Look familiar? (The gray box is covering my phone number... FYI.)

I have dreams of one day having a whole line of  little businesses - simpl E design, simpl E events, etc. etc. - but for now, handwriting it is!

This all got started a few weeks ago when my friend asked me to address her wedding invitations.  When she showed them to the print shop who did her invitations, the owner said my writing was the "new thing"  (I know if this post was any good at all, I'd scan in some of my writing... But, I just don't have access to that kind-of stuff.  It sort-of looks like the font on my card.  That will have to do) and asked if he could give out of my name to his clients.  I feel quite "under qualified," but I just don't pass up opportunities for a little extra shopping money like that!

So... here I am.  Hopefully soon, I'll be hand addressing envelopes for all sorts of things... And, who knows how this will evolve.  For now, I pretty much just love the business card design.  Haha!  Oh yea, email me if you might have a need for some simpl E print.  And, don't forget to go check out all the other awesome things people are making at Kelly's blog.

We're heading to Richmond after school today to visit some good friends of ours who are also having a baby.  Tomorrow, Jeff and the husband are going to "Daddy Boot Camp."  How cute is that? Anyway, I'll post my 20 week picture and update on Monday.  Have a great weekend!


  1. How much do you typically charge for hand addressing envelopes!? I may be in need in the near(well sort of near) future...I have AWFUL handwriting!

  2. very cool! why don't you take a photo of an example and post that? would love to see!

  3. Elizabeth, I've loved your handwriting since junior high!! Cute business cards!

  4. So glad I came across your blog. It is beautiful. Good luck on your new venture it sounds very fun.

    You have a new follower :)

  5. that is SO awesome
    CONGRATS on that extra income.
    Especially something so neat:)


  6. That is great!!!! When I received that beautiful invitation my thought was "WHO IN THE WORLD CAN WRITE SOOOOO BEAUTIFULLY???" and know I know it is sweet, sweet E! I will definitely keep this little nugget of information handy! Have a beautiful day! xoxo


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