Monday, March 7, 2011

Thoughts on a Boy


So... we're having a little boy!!  I'm going to be honest, I was SURE it was a girl.  In hindsight, I realize that this was probably based more on the fact that people kept telling me I was having a girl than an actual "motherly instinct," but still... We also debunked most of the gender myths.  Our heart rate was 169 at our first appointment (most say anything over 140 is a girl), I'm carrying decently high and all over, and I lost hair and gained zits - all more typical signs of a girl.  Even up to the seconds before we walked into the doctor's office on Wednesday, I was trying to prepare Jeff for it being a girl ---  his heart was so set on having a boy; he even wore a blue shirt to our appointment.  Oh well, this just goes to show you that none of that stuff is accurate!  In the words of my doctor, "you don't know until you see the goods."

Speaking of "the goods," our nurse told us she was 100% sure we're having a boy, and we have the pictures to prove it!  Haha!  I really was kind-of in shock, but just seeing Jeff so happy and excited was enough to make me fall in love --- with boy of my boys, of course! :)

Anyway, I am SO happy and so thrilled with our news.  I knew we would be good parents either way, but I am excited about our oldest being a boy -- I always wanted a big brother growing up.  I know there is a special relationship between boys and their moms, so I'm excited for that too.  I'm also glad for Jeff, because I know he will love doing "boy" things like playing sports, camping, fishing, etc. (although I better brush up on that stuff myself...I'm more of a shopping mall and tea party type). Plus, my poor dad (with only two girls) deserves a chance to have a little boy to play with.  And, while I admit that girl clothes are much cuter (what?  they are!), it is probably a good thing that I don't have all those options... We are on a budget, after all. :)

Now, I'm just going to have to find some baby boys I can practice changing diapers on... I hear it is quite an art. ;)

Finding out the gender makes everything seem so much more real to us.  The only disadvantage: I've put so much emphasis and focus on our 20 week appointment, that I forgot I'd still have another 20 weeks after that.  It seems so far away, but I know the time will fly.  There is A LOT to do between now and July 16th.

We are so blessed and feel so grateful for this healthy little baby boy.  I am constantly amazed at the way God has intricately designed every teeny tiny little part of him.  (We even got to count the vertebrae in his spine and see his itty bitty fingers and toes.)  I know that the Lord chose this little one for us, long before we even knew we were pregnant.  My prayer is that he would already know how much he is loved and wanted.  And, that God would continue preparing Jeff and I to be the best parents to him that we can possibly be...

To close, I thought I'd answer a few FAQ:

Do we have a name? We are pretty set on a first name, but still working on the perfect middle name.  Our goal is to have decided and announced it before our first shower in mid April.  I just love a good monogram and things with names on them too much to keep it a secret!  I'll keep you updated...

What will the nursery look like? I'm still going to go with gray and yellow.  And, finally, I am ready to start making some decisions and placing some orders.  I am also going to accent with elephants and little hints of chartreuse green (Jeff's choice).  Here are a few pictures from our "inspiration room" and some of the things I'm hoping to get going on soon:
Ollie's nursery from Domestic Adventures... I'm planning to copy the yellow dresser and elephant curtains.

Custom chevron bumper and matching skirt (in gray and yellow, instead of blue as pictured) from Tuft Love Fabric.

And the crib we are - mostly - decided on.  (Davinci Kalani 4 in 1 in Espresso).  Believe it or not, this has been one of the hardest decisions for us so far.

How did our parents and siblings react? Well, as you could probably see from the last post, most of them really thought we were having a girl.  I think my mom and sister won't really know what to do with a boy - it was just the two of us girls growing up - but they are, of course, happy and excited still!  Jeff's dad is absolutely giddy.  It's adorable.  And, his mom has saved a bunch of Jeff's old clothes from his baby days... So we can't wait to dress up little Baby C in his daddy's outfits and take matching pictures.  This will definitely be a very loved baby!

What's next? Although everything looked great on our ultrasound, baby was curled up in a little ball and the techs couldn't quite see all the inner workings of his (it feels good to say 'his' instead of just 'it') heart... So, we get an extra ultrasound in four weeks.  YAY!  I wasn't disappointed about this AT ALL.  Other than that, now we just start getting ready.  As long as everything goes well, we will not have any other ultrasounds etc. A crazy thought really.

I think that's all.  If I forgot to answer anyone's questions, please leave them in the comments and I'll get back to them. Thanks again for all your love, support, and interest!


  1. How exciting!! I don't know how people DON'T find out the sex before...I am too much of a planner to not know! Etsy has such cute stuff for nurseries...I'm sure you can find some great decorations on there! I can't wait to watch his nursery come together!


  2. Congrats!!! How fun!!! I loved your party idea!! So cute!! I totally thought you were having a boy btw!! = )

  3. This post reminds me a lot of what my sister is going through lately -- lots of excitement! :) Congrats!

  4. Congrats on a boy! How exciting. Please let me know if you need any baby boy advice! Your party was so cute. We are about to have Jude's baptism reception at Lucky. Any decorating tips??
    BTW-this is Katie Johnson!

  5. I am thrilled that you're having a boy! I will admit that my son is 18 months old, and I just recently stopped drooling over the girl clothes when I shop for him (I think every store has twice as many girl options as boy options). But little boys in church clothes are completely irresistible, so it's not so bad - ha! Plus, you don't have to put miniature tights on squirmy baby legs when you have a boy :)

  6. Congratulations again!

    Boys are wonderful (at least, my nephews are)!!

  7. Congrats on the baby boy!!!! I love your nursery ideas!!! Yellow and gray is such a great combo!

  8. Boys are great! I can't wait til it's my turn! I have always wanted to not find out the sex but my husband wants to find out. I told him i'd be ok w/ finding out if we can do a gender reveal party. I showed him your pics. He laughed but thought it was cute. :)

  9. Another Big Chill boy, YAY!!!!! BTW I voted Boy in your poll from the start! Kane has been so much fun, each bump and bruise has come with a giggle or a fart! Typical little boy!! What a blast yall are going to have!!!


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