Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Fun

This post isn't really all that fun.. But, it is a glimpse into my nutty, almost eight months pregnant, HOT.all.the.time mind these past few days.  (Plus, I feel bad about not posting for a couple of days because of Blogger's issues; and my weekend is going to be very busy.  Hope this will do!)

Here are some things that have brought a little joy into my life the last couple of days:

1. Now that I officially have the diabetes (that's what Jeff and I call it - pronounced dye-uh-bay-tays), taking my blood sugar has become a little game for me... I get sort-of excited when it is almost time to prick my finger and then anxiously await the five seconds before my little meter flashes my "score" for me.  So far, I'm playing quite well... But, I've got a few "top scores" (well, in this case low scores), I'm hoping to beat in the next few days!  This kind of amusement in my life is sort-of pathetic... But, it's a lot better than the pity party I was throwing myself Tuesday afternoon.
You can tell I'm new to this because I got this picture on the internet, and I'm fairly certain you'd be dead if you had a glucose reading of 5.8.  I don't even know what this number means.  Oh well... baby steps!
2. Speaking of parties, I'm planning a BIG one this weekend.  Yep. It is at one of the nicest hotels in Roanoke, I'm expecting about 350 guests, and the theme is Shanghai Nights - complete with paper lanterns galore!  I have a new dress that totally shows off my "baby bump" and I can't wait to see the DJ's "light show."  (What, high school prom doesn't count as a party?  Whatever...)  I'll post pictures on Monday and you'll see how just how truly cool it really is.
3. And, since I'm in a PARTY mood, I've been thinking today about the fact that my baby will have a SUMMER birthday.  Being a teacher, I've felt sort-of sorry for him because he will either be really old or really young in his grade (which do you think is better?) and no one will ever bring cupcakes to his whole class... BUT, today I realized that this means I'll always be off work for a little bit of time to plan an AWESOME birthday party for him.  I may or may not have already started planning for July 2012. (I'm sure this has nothing to do with the incredible parties Young House Love and Loves of Life have been throwing for their one-year-olds recently.)

From Chic & Cheap Nursery's "Striped Birthday Pool Party" post.  Total inspiration.
 Anyway, I'll stop now.  Happy Friday!  Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I have a summer birthday! What's great about it: When I was little, I used to get three birthday parties (one with dad's side of the family, one with mom's side, and one with friends); ICE CREAM CAKE!; and I never had to go to school on my birthday. :-)

  2. Haha, 5.8 is an a1c reading, more likely than not. And a pretty good one for a diabetic. I doubt they ever take a1c readings for gestational diabetes, it's more of a long term thing -- it basically gives an idea of what your glucose levels have been averaging for the past 90 days.

    I'll admit my eyes bugged out reading about your big party, until I realized you were talking about prom. I wondered where you and Jeff got the money to throw a random party for 350 people! Ha.

  3. Agreed-- totally intrigued when you were talking about throwing such a party-- glad it's "just" the prom! I'm impressed that yall have an actual theme! Ours was always something super lame that was just a play on our mascot (Knights), like "A Knight to Remember". What a cop-out. Also, as a person with a December birthday, I will be very jealous of your son's summer birthday. A) He will never have final exams on his bday. B) He can have pool parties or water park parties. C) He will have a nice selection of both summer AND winter clothes, since his holidays are spread out. Well, he probably won't care about that last one...but I would!

  4. Let me just share my thoughts regarding the summer birthday, from a kindergarten teacher's perspective:
    1) He can always have pool parties, which are, by far, the coolest around.
    2) If in doubt, wait an extra year to send him to kindergarten. It'll be the best gift you will ever give your son. I promise.
    3) Celebrate his half-birthdays in school with cupcakes! Who else gets to have two birthday cakes a year?! Or, if he has a really cool kindergarten teacher, she will plan an ice cream sundae party to celebrate the summer birthday babies. :)

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  6. Cute blog...your newest follower!


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