Sunday, May 15, 2011

Shanghai Knights (Prom 2011)

(Erika, don't worry... we are the Knights too; and our themes always have a corny play on the word!  This year, it also happened to be the name of a 2003 Jackie Chan movie.  Go figure!)

Well, Baby Chapman survived his first prom and, I am happy to report, he did NOT partake in ANY of the dirty dancing.  We're off to a good start in parenting!  He did do quite a few fist pumps to popular rap songs, however.  :)

Here are a few pictures of Prom 2011 for those of you interested...

My wonderful co-sponsor Kristin & I at the registration table... This is the only picture you will see of me from the night.  Especially next to all the cute teenagers in their beautiful tiny dresses; I felt a bit like a huge beast.
The whole room before the dance...
...And about one hour in.
Overall, the night was a success.  Even though I had to stay up until after 12:30 last night, I really enjoy doing this.  Party planning is definitely one of my hobbies; especially when it is on someone else's budget.

Jeff and I skipped church and are laying low today.  My body needs it.

Hope you have a nice Sunday!


  1. Whoa!!! Yall do it up right!! So glad to know yall also get to enjoy the cheesy play-on-school-names. My proms were never this elaborate. There weren't any food or drinks!! Guess that was back in the dark ages...haha.

  2. Prom looked fun! I wasn't sure if you had gotten my email I sent a few weeks ago about your classroom organization.

  3. WOW! This looks awesome. I lead a high school group, all the girls just went to prom over the weekend, but none were as cute as this!

    ps. I love your blog background, I just ordered a cribskirt with the same color/chevron print!



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