Monday, June 20, 2011

36 Weeks!!!

Every time I do one of these update posts now, I feel like it's a HUGE (no pun intended) accomplishment.  I can't believe we are less than ONE MONTH out from our due date!  I admit I still have a good bit to do (although none of it is really vital), but I am so ready for Baby C!!!

Here's my latest update (not many more of these):

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 36 weeks and two days... For a long time I thought this was considered "full term," but now I'm pretty sure it is actually 37 weeks.  Oh well, this still feels like a big milestone.  

Size of Baby: Almost SIX pounds.  (This is just an estimate... I haven't had an ultrasound since 24 weeks- FYI.) The size of a crenshaw melon - who even knows what that is?
Maternity Clothes: Of course, with a few exceptions... Here I am in a regular t-shirt from Target & maternity yoga pants - my standard summer attire!

Sometimes, I feel like I'm beginning to be comfortable with my pregnancy body (finally), and then I'll see one of these pictures!  Someone please tell me I'm going to appreciate having these one day!  (P.S. Can you see my little onlooker in the corner?)

Gender: My sweet boy!  I love him SO much already!

Movement: Still feeling lots of movement and anxious to find out if he has "settled" into his spot on Tuesday when I go to the doctor for my first pelvic exam.

Sleep: I have good nights and bad, but mostly good.  Still, this far in, I struggle with staying on my left side.  Luckily, baby boy seems to not mind!  (P.S. I accidentally slept until 10:45 this morning.... Enjoy it while I can, right?!?)

What I miss: Shopping for cute clothes for myself (will I ever do that again?!?); touching my toes comfortably. :)

Cravings: Iced coffee, frozen yogurt, Mexican food --- Hallelujah, a Chipolte opened up in Roanoke just in the nick of time!

Symptoms:Mostly just swelling, but even that seems to have improved since I've been out of school.  I do get tired easily... I can clean one floor of our house in a full eight hour day.  And, my finger joints hurt really badly in the morning - anyone ever heard of that? I haven't had ANY contractions - Braxton Hicks or "real" - yet.  This worries me a little bit b/c my mom NEVER went into labor and had to have a c-section THREE weeks after my due date... But, I'm also kind-of grateful.  Any stories of women with NO contractions until labor day?

Words of Wisdom: My wonderful friend Trisha, who I respect so much as a godly wife, mother, and grandmother of SEVEN - told me the two keys to being the "perfect" mother are: to love God with all my heart, and to love Jeff next.  This was really good for me to be reminded of... More on that later this week.

Best Moment(s) This Week: My first full week of summer vacation has been SO great and full of "best moments."  I've had TWO more showers (pictures below) for Baby C, and we are officially STOCKED.  I love love love organizing (and even washing, which is monumental) all his little things!  Also, Thursday night Jeff and I went and had the car seat bases installed in both of our cars and enjoyed a nice date night.  We are going to try to do this once a week until baby day!  And, I've gotten to spend some good time this week doing things on my Non-Stressful To Do List like catching up with long distance friends, going to Kathryn's pool, reading for fun, etc.   

What I'm Looking Forward To: Continuing my resting and nesting. And, MEETING MY LITTLE GUY!!!

Now, a few photos from the last two weeks:

This shower was on Sunday, June 12th at my Great-Aunt Phyllis' (in blue next to me) pool.  It was SO special to get to celebrate with Granny's family... We missed her, but I know she loved watching from above!  (That's her brother next to Phyllis and lots of cousins.)  Do you love my sash?  Poppy said he was glad I was wearing it because it wasn't at all obvious that I was expecting? :)

Then, on Tuesday, Trisha threw me a sweet shower at her house with women from church.  It was a great time to share and celebrate with the community that I know will play a huge role in raising our little boy.

And, although we've gotten TONS of wonderful treats for our little guy, I had to share these... My friend Kelly hand-knit this stuffed elephant, blanket (with a little hood), and Clemson hat!  This is my first piece of Clemson gear for Baby C, and I am SO excited about it.  Bring on the cold weather!!!

Thanks for reading all this and caring about our pregnancy! His little birth day is getting soooo close now! :)


  1. Hi! I'm Tiffany and I just recently stumbled across your blog and I come with hope! I'm one of those women who never had least, I thought I hadn't. Until I went to my 41 week check up and my OB was like, "You're 4 cm dialated." and I'm all, "How'd that happen???" A few days later, I woke up with cramps and I STILL didn't realize they were contractions until I started timing them. Less than 3 hours later, my son was born vaginally and all was right with the world : )

  2. I also hated looking at pictures of myself/looking at myself in a mirror when I was feeling hugely pregnant, but now that E is on the outside rather than on the inside, I'm so glad that I have those pictures. If nothing else, it proves that I grew her! And I'm so glad that you're finally on summer vacation - you're a champion for making it this long in the classroom!

  3. You are so close - AHHH, I can't wait to see that little boy!! I didn't feel a single contraction - not even Braxton Hicks - with either pregnancy. Probably why I was induced a week late with both :). I had easy deliveries though, so I wouldn't worry about it, I think inductions are the way to go! Will be thinking about you lots over the next month! Love you!
    Liz McYorno :)

  4. i also did not feel any contractions until the doctor broke my water. i was 4 cm at the time of both inductions and did not any pain/cramping prior. once my water broke they started pretty much right after and #1 was born 3 hours later, #2 was born 1.75 hours after. so, there is hope! so excited see the news soon! =)


  5. Hi, found your blog via Kelly's Korner. I'm a fellow VA resident. I have an 8 month old and I just want to let you know that YES you will have the urge to buy cute clothes again. At first it will be for the baby but you will get back to feeling like yourself and start to want to be stylish looking again! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

  6. I was referred to your blog from Seth's mom (Nancy Johnson) and enjoyed reading your posts. As I read this one I noticed your mentioned your friend, Trisha, who is a grandma to 7. Then I kept reading and saw the picture of you 2 together. Well, Trisha's my mom!! =) She IS a godly Mom and an awesome Ya-ya! Good luck on your delivery. I'm a postpartum nurse at RMH so if you deliver there I may see you!


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