Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Things I Think Are RIDICULOUS

1. Ashley.  I'm sorry.  She's a hot mess and pathetic over Bentley... I'm done with that.  (P.S. WHO is coming up with the terrible date ideas this season? A fake wedding? Muay Thai fighting? Honestly.)
2. William.  Can we say SLEEZE?  And I thought I liked him!  He deserved to go home.  The one good decision Ashley has made all season.

3.The fact that my dog "sleeps in" a good hour or two after I wake up.  (Shh... Daddy's out of town.  We were doing SO well on the dog bed too.)
I certainly can't make the bed when she is in it. :) That's my excuse... I'm sticking to it.
4. My hair.  All my life I've wanted thick hair... Now, it has grown like a weed on TOP only.  I have a mop of bangs that are usually sweaty, and I look like I'm wearing a Bump-It all the time.  Dear God, would it have really been too much to just let my hair grow long during pregnancy?  Really?

5. Denim Diapers.  No comment needed.


  1. Love snuggling with my golden boy in the bed... he's not supposed to be in the bed either : )

  2. Don't forget the "bash Ashley" date too! I agree, horrible date choices!

  3. what?!?! denim diapers? please tell me you mocked those up for this post.

  4. omg I hate the denim diaper commercials, they are AWFUL!

  5. So I actually caved and bought those diapers last year for my son... they actually bled navy dye onto his white pants. I was livid! They aren't really denim... they're dyed just like any other diapers but that dye stains! I'm a big believer in Target diapers! PLUS- who doesn't live polka dots!?!

  6. Denim diapers?? Really!!! Please all you moms out there, do NOT do this to your cute little child!! They have to be the worst!!!
    Ashley is horrible, too!! E, your bangs are pretty!!!
    I love reading your blogs, they are so funny!!!

  7. No denim diapers? You should have told me sooner... kidding.


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