Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Last Nine Months + Birth Date Pool

Oh what a ride it has been for my poor body (and my hair - please look at my bangs from week 12 to week 38... ridiculous).  Haha!  Seriously, how amazing is it that I've grown a HUMAN BEING inside me since October.  We women are really something, aren't we?!?! As huge and uncomfortable as I feel right now, I am fascinated by the work my body has done & SO proud to have made such a comfy place for Baby C to rest these last 9+ months... Here's hoping I can look back at these photos one day and laugh the way we do when we alk about my mom when she was pregnant.

Also, as my due date quickly approaches, I thought I'd share the Birth Date Pool that we put together back in March at our Gender Reveal Party.  We invited friends and family to place little bets on WHEN Baby C would make his entrance into the world. (Everyone placed their bets before we revealed the gender, so that explains the two different colors... My dad pitched in an extra $20.00 if the winner also guessed the correct gender.  Also, they placed their bets without really knowing how the dates would fall - We actually drew dates out of a hat to fill in the top and sides after the fact - my dad says this is how real betting works.  Who knows?)

Anyway, here's the electronic version dad put together later:  (See where I get my Type A-ness?) 

As you can see, my actual due date is highlighted, and there might be a few people hoping I deliver  in the next 24 hours. (Myself included.)  At least Baby Chapman waited long enough to make this competition a little fun - Haha! I'll keep you updated.
P.S. First, I know I'm pregnant and hormonal, but how SAD was The Bachelorette last night? I mean, I genuinely felt terrible for Ryan.  Next bachelor maybe?  Second, I don't like Ashley at all; although I am fascinated that she can keep shirts on that have no backs at all. And finally,  I thought Emily looked like a Stepford Wife, and I'm over her.  She wasted all of our time last season. 

Am I becoming awful?!?


  1. I totally love that game and I HATE that we did not play it at my baby parties!:(
    I love all the pics:)

  2. You are seriously adorable - and I am loving you chapman baby pool chart! Too funny! Here is wishing you a very easy and quick labor! PS. I think its a BOY! xx. The Southland Life :)

  3. Great pics!!

  4. I love the birth date pool! I was tickled to see who picked the final slot on the last day, haha. =) Have you thought about writing a post ahead of time to go up while you're recovering from labor and enjoying time with Baby Chapman?

  5. I agree! If freakin' Emily is the next Bachelorette for real, I will stop watching. I cannot stand here! Or Ashley for that matter. Ugh!


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