Monday, July 11, 2011

Q&A Part 2: Clemson & Blogging

Ok, I'm finally going to answer the rest of the questions from Blogiversary Q&A Post. Sorry it has taken so long.

First, a little about my beloved alma mater (about which I don't brag nearly enough)...
I chose Clemson pretty randomly to tell the truth.  A friend of mine had gone there the year before, which is how I first heard about it.  But, ultimately it fit my criteria of not being too big but having a big football team, being well respected but not impossible to get in, and being different from the rest of my graduating class but not too far away from home.  I also thought the campus was beautiful and you can't beat true southern hospitality.  Although my reasons for going there weren't incredibly strong, it turned out to be one of the very best decisions of my life (and I still believe that even as I pay out-of-state tuition loans every month five years later).  I met some incredible people and learned a lot about myself by being away from home for those four years.  I would HIGHLY recommend it!
I honestly can't name just one thing I love MOST about it (besides THE TWELVE, but that's kind-of cheating).  So, here's a little list instead:
That they serve grits at every meal in the dining hall
That you can wear flip flops until Christmas break
That all the Carolina boys know how to shag (the dance!)
Football Saturdays and the sea of orange
Bowman Field on Sunday afternoons and at homecoming
Ancheaux's Black Jack sandwich (RIP)
That my teachers knew me by name
Sundresses, croakies, and bowties for football games
TRUE tailgating
The Blue House
That EVERYONE holds doors and prays before eating
I could go on and on, but I better stop before I get too "homesick".  Thanks Megan! I'd love to hear some of your favorite Clemson things too! :)
Next, let's talk blogging for a moment, shall we?

I LOVE blogging, and it has definitely become a big part of my life and changed me in some ways these past two years.  For starters, almost every single thing I do in real life is processed through the filter of "how could I write about this on the blog?"  To be honest, I really think that having a place where I put my thoughts into words for others to read has forced me to actually THINK about things rather than just going through the motions.  I LOVE going back and reading old posts and remembering where I was and how I felt at certain times in my (not too distant) past.  In a lot of ways, this record has been a testament to the Lord's work in my life and often serves as a good reminder to me of His faithfulness.

Blogging has brought me back to my passion for writing and shown me, again, how much I value community and encouragement from others.  Plus, it's just really fun. I like having something I do because I want to and not because I have to. I remember saying a few years ago that I didn't really have any "hobbies," and now I have one that's been going strong for more than two years.  I'm proud of that accomplishment.

Here's a picture of my very first blog header... For old times sake.  (You can see who the star was/is.)
Thanks Amanda!
And, on a totally unrelated note, I have a favor to ask of you...

Remember last year when Addy won us $1500?!?  Well, the same company is hosting a "Coolest Space in Your Place" photo contest right now on Facebook.  I didn't enter - it just didn't feel right since we've already won once - but some friends of ours did, and they have made it into the top five with their awesome dining room/ handmade farmhouse table and bench.  
I know it would mean A LOT to them if you'd take two seconds and go place a vote for them here.  They are in full-time ministry with Young Life and the $2500 prize would be a huge blessing! The contest is open until Thursday, and you can vote once per day.  Thanks friends!   


  1. Aww man! I love CLEMSON and miss it ALL the time..I miss living right next to you! I'm going to start painting, and then I will sit down to have some coffee, and I will call you!

  2. Thanks for answering my question! :)

    A lot of the reasons you mentioned going to Clemson are the same for me. I hadn't really heard about it until a girl I went to high school with mentioned it. I just fell in love with it when I visited the campus. It was close enough to home, but far enough to feel like I was going 'away.' I also wanted to go there because they had a big football program as well.

    I miss Clemson so much. I also loved football Saturdays and the fact that teachers knew me by name. I also loved the Tillman hall bells, hanging out on Bowman field, the crazy CAT bus drivers, brunch on Sundays at Clemson House and the fact that Clemson was a small college town.

    I loved my 4 years there and miss it so much. Are you planning to go back to a football game this fall? I know you will have your hands full with the new baby :)

  3. Thanks for answering my question too! I can echo a lot of those reasons for loving blogging. It's so fun to hear how people choose where to go to college. I actually recall that I looked into Clemson, which I can't understand because I've still never been to the "south" and nobody I know (well, other than you now, ha!) has ever gone there. I ended up in the midwest, but it seemed like a great school!

  4. I completely agree with your thoughts on blogging! It's such a rewarding hobby because you get to meet amazing people who share your interests and support you. xoxoxxoo


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