Tuesday, July 5, 2011


You guys remember my Poppy, right?
93. Hilarious. (Of course you do, how could anyone forget him?)

I realized recently that I haven't written about him much recently.  But, after spending all day Sunday at the lake with him (and my family), I had quite a few "Poppyisms" I wanted to get down for memory's sake.  Enjoy.

On my pregnancy...

- "You're a real whopper." (Referring to my size of course)

- (in a very private whisper during dinner) "... I've never really talked to a pregnant woman..." (Hello - Your wife?!?! Your daughter?!?!) "...is it, you know, heavy to carry that thing around?"

- "I can't believe you haven't had that baby yet.  You looked like you were ready to pop back in April."

- "What is an old man supposed to do with a baby?"

- "Don't worry Lizzie, you'll be back down to 130 pounds a month from now!"  (For the record, I did not say one word about being worried AND that would be an incredible weight loss - as in, if it happens, someone might need to get me some help. I'm glad he is so optimistic though.)

On the ladies...
- "My cousin called, and she wants to go out to dinner with me again.  I don't mind going out with her.  But, that *Maybelle Carter, she's MAN CRAZY.  I have to stay away from her."  (*Name changed to protect the innocent lady from church who delivered brownies last week.)

- "The only thing a woman would want with a man my age is my money.  I'd have to get one of those... what do you call them... nuptials."

- "I called up *Mabel Smith to ask her something and I said 'Mabel, what are you doing tonight?  Would you like to go on a date?'  I was just kidding of course, but I think she thought I was being serious."  (Bad joke... at any age!)

And just because it is worth sharing...

- "Elizabeth, I just became a tornado survivor. You wouldn't believe it.  I almost didn't make it."  (On the phone this afternoon after a particularly bad storm that knocked down a tree in his yard.)

P.S. Saturday was the two year anniversary of his hilarious heart attack (I know that's not really an appropriate term to describe heart attacks... but you should read about it here.)


  1. I love Poppy! This made me giggle!!!

  2. Really lovely blog you got here. Im a sucker for good design. =) So im def following, and maybe youll visit me someday.


  3. Oh my goodness. He reminds me of my grandma Bess:-) I just love people like this! xoxo

  4. um. im pretty sure he and my husbands grandpa are twins. I was like, um am I related to this girl and I just dont know it?! haha. Grandpas are the best! Mine just passed away last month... get as much of him as you can!

  5. Oh gracious, that is too funny! He sounds hilarious! :-)


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