Tuesday, August 16, 2011

E. Ria Giveaway Winner & Update

Currently, I'm sitting in bed drinking coffee with my two boys cuddled up next to me.  Last night was a good night.  Sam slept from 11PM (I should note that I tried to make his "bedtime" 9PM, but he chose to fuss for two hours) until 6AM, with only a quick feeding at 2.  This may not sound like much to some (shoot, two months ago this would have required extra coffee and an afternoon nap), but it is glorious to a new mom.  :)

Since our "diagnosis" on Friday, things have been up and down. We have a good day followed by a bad day.  I'm convinced that I just needed to hear that I wasn't crazy and that Sam is OK from a doctor... It has made a big difference in terms of my sanity and expectations. 

Of course, I've still been doing TONS of reading on colic, crying, and sleep.  And, I admit that, up until this point, I've been so overwhelmed by all the techniques, plans, and contradictory advice out there that I've not been very consistent with anything. (Truth be told, I've done almost everything I said I wouldn't; and, I haven't stuck with any one thing longer than a day or two.)  BUT, each day,  I am feeling more confident as a mom and more prepared to make decisions for my little guy.  I know better than to get my hopes up and think I have this "figured out" - we are just waiting for the awesome six-week crying peak I keep hearing about - but I do feel better; and, as a result, I really think Sam does too. 

I'm working on a post about some of the things I've read and what I've learned so far for later on this week (along with Sam's one month - err 5 weeks - update).  Stay tuned...

Until then, I'm happy to announce the lucky winner of the adorable Nest Necklace from E.Ria Designs...

Congrats girl!  Email me to claim your prize. (Sam & I were sad we missed the beach too!)

Thanks to all who participated... If you haven't already, be sure to check out E. Ria Designs on Etsy... She has some great "push presents" and beyond.

Two more great giveaways coming soon!

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  1. oh my stars. I'd give anything to get that much uninterrupted sleep. Send the good vibes my way! :)


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