Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Top Ten Newborn Essentials

I realize that this is kind-of cliche, and there are only 2000 places on the internet where you can find a list like this... BUT, I've had several friends announce their pregnancies recently, and I couldn't resist the opportunity to share some of my "Registry Expertise."

Clearly, I'm only a few weeks in... But here are my can't-live-without, no-registry-is-complete-without-it, Top Ten Newborn Essentials:

1. Itzbeen Timer
A new-mom-friend gave this to me when I was pregnant; and, it will be my "go to gift" for baby showers from now on. I LOVE it! It is about the size of my palm (with a really sweet clip-on option), and it tracks how long "itzbeen" since the last diaper change, feeding, nap, and anything else you might need to keep up with - I used it to remind myself when I could take more pain meds in the beginning! It also has a little marker for which side you fed on last and a handy night-light. If you aren't as anal as me, a regular clock might do; but I literally am lost without my timer.  (Seriously, I sleep with it.)

2. aden + anais Muslin Swaddle Wraps
Truly, for a summer baby, you can't find anything more perfect than these blankets.  They are light-weight and really really cute (which is SUPER important to new babies) - excellent for swaddling and keeping baby warm without overheating - a real danger for SIDS.  We have SIX and I could use six more (mainly because there are more cute prints I want).  A little pricey... But worth it - especially if you aren't the one buying. ;) LOVE them!

3. Soothie Pacifiers
I don't know what it is about these little things, but Sam is obsessed with them.  We have tons of pacifiers, but if it doesn't have a hole in the middle, he doesn't want it!  Literally, these have been a LIFESAVER.  We've ordered more from Amazon since he was born because we only had a two pack and - clearly - it is dangerous to be caught for even one minute without one in easy reach.  Even if you think you are "against pacifiers" - get these.  They are little miracle workers if you have a sucker like me. :)

I had to include this just for good measure...
Told you!

We tried a few different types of diapers, but these were - by far - our favorites.  Not only do they fit perfectly (We used newborn sizes the entire first month and now alternate between that and size 1), but they also have a cut-out for the umbilical cord stump AND a really cool "wetness indicator" line on the front.  So far, none of the other diapers we have tried even come close to comparing.

I realize that this makes me sound like the laziest person alive, but this has been wonderful in terms of saving me hundreds of trips up and down the stairs every day.  More than anything, we use the changing table attached here.  The bassinet is also pretty awesome - it vibrates, plays music, lights up, etc.  If you have a two-story house, I'd strongly recommend one of these for the main level. 

 Obviously, I don't know what I would do without this combo.  (Never leave the house - literally - for starters.) I'm all about multi-tasking, so I love that this serves two functions... Plus, I'm obsessed with the basket and cup holders on the stroller frame.  *I will say, however, that the seat/carrier is quite heavy.  I'm all about building some biceps; but, I don't know what I'm going to do when Sam weighs 20 pounds himself.  I have no complaints other than that; but you may want to consider a lighter model.

I'm not going to lie, I mostly just like this because it is so darn cool looking.  The patterns and colors are fabulous and make a great backdrop for photos.  As a bonus, Sam seems to be pretty mesmerized by it and - at this point - anything that keeps him alert for a little bit is worthwhile.  Plus, it folds up and stores easily to keep my house from looking totally like a preschool.

We had a couple of these before Sam was born, but we've bought more and - I'm convinced - I'll never have enough.  You will be shocked at how many "accidents" your baby has.  I have these on all the changing tables, in his bassinet, etc. etc. etc. STOCK UP.

I realize that isn't really a "baby item," but it has been a lifesaver for me during late night feeds etc. I love that my Kindle has a light attached so I can read while nursing in the dark, it will balance on my leg, and it only requires one hand to "turn" the page. 

10. Coffee
Haha! I asked Jeff last night what he thought was the "most important thing to have for a new baby" and this was his answer.  He is a simple, but smart, man.  :)  

And, a few things I could do without...
- Wipes warmer (I had been warned about this, but Jeff insisted.  Wipes are lukewarm and it takes up space.)
- Excess wash cloths (We use two at each bath; but, I do laundry so often that we'd be fine with only four or six.  Instead, I have 10,000.)
- Bottle warmer (Everything I read says just to warm bottles in hot water.  That's what we've done so far and it works just fine.)
- Sleeper gowns (These are basically just little onesies with no legs and elastic around the bottom.  A lot of people love them because they make diaper changes at night so easy.  Sam hates them because they ride up and his little legs get cold.)

Moms, what would you add to these lists?

P.S. This made me think of a poll I did early in my pregnancy about what to register for. Check it out here.

P.S.S. I was not given money or free stuff to say nice things about any of these products. I just like them, and they've been good to me.  Promise.  However, if any of these companies would like to send me money or free stuff, I will happily oblige. :)


  1. I would definitely add for us our Lamb Seat, that vibrated and sang a lullaby, it is the only place Lydia would sleep for the first few weeks. Also, about carrying baby Sam when he gets bigger in that car seat, if he is anything like our little one by that time they want nothing to do with being carted that way, they want to be sitting up looking around. So we carried her and used just our stroller by the time she was probably 7 months old. Fun post!

  2. Soothies are da bomb....yes, Da.Bomb.

  3. The timer is so cool! I've never seen it before. I love the wipe warmer - though you are right, it does take up space. I'm with you on the bottle warmer. I just use warm water too.

  4. I agree with most everything your list. My additions would be:
    1) Carter's Keep Me Dry Flannel Lap Pads. They are probably very similar to the ones you mentioned. I have 9 and still wish I had more.
    2) Mom. Mine was a lifesaver: cooking meals, cleaning the house to my anal liking and doing endless loads of laundry. It takes a husband and wife just to get through the day-to-day dealings of a newborn. Leaving the rest of life's "stuff" to someone else was SO helpful.
    3.) We use all of those extra washcloths as pee-pee covers when changing our little man. If we don't have a little washcloth covering his specials, we're going to be doing lots of laundry later. :)
    4.) Mylicon! This gas relief medicine hasn't worked wonders like many people say it does for them, but it does seem to bring Luke relief sometimes when burping and bouncing just don't cut it.

  5. My must haves also include a bouncy seat and Mylicon drops. My son was colicky too and Mylicon was great. It seemed to help with his pain. Also when he would scream without ceasing, I would put a few drops in and he would have to stop and swallow, which gave me a chance to put in his pacifier. The soothie worked great, but he couldn't keep it in. We switched to nuk and they were great too. The stroller you mentioned is good, but will be useless once he can sit up. I hope this is helpful. Sam is a cutie!

  6. I agree with the other comments about a bouncy seat. Mine lived in theirs for about the first 3 months. They also loved the Soothies but I didn't love how difficult it was to attach them to the kid. So I manage to switch them to Gum Drop pacifiers so I could attach a pacifier holder. My last must have was burp cloths, LOTS of burp cloths.

  7. I agree about the Itzbeen! My boys are 4 and 1 1/2 and I still use it when they are sick to track the time they had medicine last. It is awesome!

  8. --aden + anais cloths for a summer baby = essential.

    --For an older baby (4+ months), i would highly recommend an Ergo carrier. They are a little pricey ($100), but very very worth it. It was essential in that awkward stage when they are too heavy to lift onto a shopping cart while in the car seat, but they can't quite sit up on their own either (meaning they can't sit in the front of the shopping cart). I use mine in combo with an interesting (but not valuable) necklace, so my little one can play with the necklace (and in many cases, eat it) while I shop.

    --Shopping cart cover. I bought one by Jeep from Amazon and it worked pretty well.

    --Immersion blender with a food chopper attachment. Obviously you could use a food processor to puree baby food, but I find the immersion blender / chopper to be much easier to use when you're in a hurry to get something blended and into the baby's (hungry) mouth.

    --Earth's best oatmeal cereal . (Again for an older baby). Once I was ready to start solids, I found that rice cereal was too constipating. After testing out oatmeal cereal (I tried in the morning so I'd have all day to gauge if he had an allergy), I started using oatmeal cereal exclusively. I still use it now that he's older by mixing a few tsps into his yogurt. (Also--would highly recommend YoBaby yogurt).

  9. Your list is pretty dead on! My son was born mid May and I've added a few things to my "must have' list since then. The first would be our touchscreen video monitor. Hands down - worth the money! Second, the Summer Infant swaddle me. These come in handy if you have a "digger" or a husband who is still mastering the art of the swaddle. These make it dummy proof (love you honey)! Third, the WubbaNub. For naptime we always swaddle and then lay the WubbaNub (we have the bear aka Mr. Bear) over the swaddle. The stuffed animal helps keep the paci in, makes it easier to find in the diaper bag etc, and gives our son something to "hold" on to when its not nap time. It will save you several trips to the nursery for every time the paci falls out. Love, love, love this! Mr. Bear has had so many saves he should be on ESPN's highlights! (Bud um ching)
    Hope Sam continues to sleep better for you!

  10. Good list! Here's what I would add as an active mom of a 2 1/2 year old boy and 13 weeks old girl...

    BOB revolution stroller,. (Duallie for moms of 2) I L-O-V-E it! Don't wast eyour money on cheap strollers if you want to be active. You won't regret this purchase!

    Video Baby Monitor. I sleep SO much better at night being able to see then any time I want. It's a lifesaver for my 2 year old know knows how to get out of bed and open all of our doors... including the outside ones! It's piece of mind knowing where he is and what he's doing!

    Medela Double Pump and the pumping bra that allows you to pump hands free... LIFESAVER!

    Baby Bjorn/Ergo Baby... Mine loves to be held.. but sometimes I need my hands!

    Things I could do without: Baby bath tub (they take up space and the sink works just fine) wipes warmer, slings, bassinet (pack n plays with bassinet levels works perfectly)

    Enjoy Sam! He's adorable!

  11. Great list! I've never even heard of the timer thing - what a great idea!

  12. We use the Gumdrop paci with Emma. It is just like a soothie but isn't a whole circle, there's a little nose place cut out. Target carries them here in SW VA so maybe your Target may have them!


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