Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Ya'll, in approximately six hours, I'm going on vacation... with a TEN WEEK OLD!  Ahh!  Right now, I have two loads of laundry going (so Sam doesn't have to be naked the whole time), a FILTHY house, and not a single thing in a suitcase.  Awesome. What has happened to me?

I am SO excited to get out of town for a few days before I go back to work (two weeks from today), but it is s.t.r.e.s.s.f.u.l. traveling with a baby on board - I'm already a bit crazy and we haven't even left yet.

So, why am I blogging when I have ten million other things to do?  Just to let you know that I'm not going to be blogging for a few days.  Weird, right?  But don't worry, I'll BRB (that means "be right back" in case you aren't up on text lingo), and I've got lots of fun stuff coming up for ya - including, I'm sure, tips on traveling with a new baby (or a list of what NOT to do).

See you on the flip side (aka Monday)!


  1. Have so much fun!

    And just something to keep in mind from one new mama to another ... it's okay if this doesn't feel like the vacations you've had pre-baby. That's totally normal. ;)

  2. Have fun!!! You def. deserve a nice vacay!! I'm going to need some of your tips. My parents are taking us to Bermuda for their 35 Wedding Anniversary and our little one will be 4 months old..So let me know what works :)..When you get back please text me your number. My new phone did not have any of my old numbers transferred. I would love to visit before you return to work.

  3. Have fun! We are traveling with baby in a few weeks and I am super nervous about all the stuff I'll need to bring.

  4. Have a GREAT trip!!! Can't wait to see some pics and hear what tips you have as we'll be traveling with new baby over all the upcoming holidays!

  5. Hi Honey... cannot wait to read what you write to all your readers about the wonderful vacation we just returned from!!! It was fabulous, one i know we all will remember!! Hope everyone sleeps well tonight!! love you!!


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