Friday, September 30, 2011

Traveling with Baby

Don't worry.  He didn't ride in the trunk!
Did you think I'd decided to take a permanent vacation?  I didn't really intend to take such a long blog break, but it was good for me... Our beach trip was wonderful, but travelling with a baby is NO JOKE.  It has taken me the last three days just to recover and feel like my life is somewhat back to normal; plus, I go back to work in FIVE days, so it was nice to just soak up some lazy time at home with my boy.

Anyway, Erin at Blue-Eyed Bride posted a "What to Pack" list for traveling with a baby today, so I thought I'd share my list too.  I know several of you commented that you were planning trips with babies soon, so hopefully this will help.

Here's what I packed for Sam's five day beach trip:
Note: Pumpkin is just fall decor... It did NOT go to the beach! ;)
Pack n' Play and sheet
Sound Machine/ Digital Clock
Night Light
Snap & Go Stroller
Stroller Sun & Bug Cover
Portable Beach Bed
Bottle Warmer
Dishwasher Basket (didn't use)
Large changing pad
BIG box of diapers
2 packages of wipes (too many)
Sleep Sack/ Swaddle Wrap
3 Blankets
Video Monitor
5 Pajamas
8 Onesies (too many)
3 "Outfits"
1 Hat
Lotion, Bath Stuff, Diaper Cream, etc. (bathed in sink)
3 Burp Cloths
1 Book
Pump & Parts
Baby Bjorn (didn't use)
Activity Mat (didn't use)
Thermometer (DID use - I'd also recommend baby Tylenol)
Diaper Bag
Car Seat (obviously)

A few other comments...

- The sun is SERIOUS. I might write more about this later, but Sam still managed to get sunburned despite all the protective measures we took.  Please learn from my mistake and go WAY overboard when it comes to sun protection.  (If you have something negative to say about the dangers of sunburns on itty bitty babies, please keep it to yourself... Trust me, I've beat myself up enough.  He survived, and we learned.)

- On our second to last morning, Sam spray-pooped (there is no other way to describe it) ALL over the bedroom of our friend's beautiful brand-spankin-new house.  We were mortified to say the least.  Thankfully, we were able to get everything completely cleaned up (thanks to OxyClean - on the carpet - of all things), but I'd travel with carpet cleaner and a TARP next time.  ;)

- Plan for an EXTRA-long car trip.  Sam was an angel in the car (truly), but we still had to stop every three hours or so for about an hour to feed, change, etc.  It made a normally seven hour car trip closer to ten.  Jeff and I love being in the car together, and always allow for a leisurely trip; but it is worth nothing that our days of "hurrying" anywhere are over.

- As mama marchand warned me, this vacation was completely different from every other vacation I've ever taken.  I LOVED having Sam along and getting to celebrate my mom's *30th* birthday with her; but it definitely required a lot more flexibility and planning (total oxymoron, but there is no other way to put it) on everyone's part.  At times, I felt like I was the oldest woman - sitting under an umbrella, going to bed early, etc. etc. - and my mom and her friends were spring chickens!!  BUT... I wouldn't have had it any other way.  Our trip was a nice (and much-needed) break from housework and busyness.  Plus, I loved the quality time with Jeff, my parents, and our dear friends the Thompsons.  Oh, and the beach was BEAUTIFUL too.  I'm not exactly rested from the trip, but I am refreshed. 

Traveling with a baby: Harder?  Yes.  But, better? SO much. :)

Approximately three minutes later it POURED down rain. 

P.S. My mom took lots more pictures that I need to get from her camera.  Keeping up with our big camera bag just wasn't a priority most days.  Hopefully, I'll post more photos soon!

P.S.S. Did you know that both traveling and travelling are considered the correct spelling?  


  1. Actually I did know that about traveling and travelling! Same with canceled and cancelled! Ok, now I'm officially a dork! Glad you had a great vaca. We are traveling with our baby in mid November and I just know I'm going to go overboard with the packing. Thanks for the great tips! Oxyclean - check!

  2. Great post on traveling with baby!! I'm making lots of mental notes :) You look great! Your bangs are still looking so good and full! Love the family photo on the beach :)

  3. I love your family photo! We hope to take a family trip to the beach next summer. And traveling with a baby... woah, def harder! We have a 13hr drive to see family that we normally do once a year, Riley was 3 months old when we took him first. And wow it was tough, and very long! lol Good luck when you go back to work, hope it goes smoothly!

  4. Elizabeth -- He is just adorable, and you look awesome! Hope to see you guys soon....!! =)

  5. Glad you had such a wonderful time. :) That list looks like what we packed on our first family vacation earlier this summer! I'm glad you know what I meant now ... and the flexibility AND planning part? TOTALLY. :)


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