Sunday, October 23, 2011

3 Months

Well, I'm only TEN days late on this.  No big deal... That's only HUGE in baby time.  Oh well, I'm a working mom these days.  (I fully intend to use that excuse for as long as possible... Maybe the next 18 years.)

So, before he grows another inch or gains another pound...

Sam is 3 months old!

I LOVE three months.  I mean, seriously, LOVE.  All the people that tell you that 12 weeks is a milestone and everything "gets so much better" after that - they are incredibly annoying and sound like liars when you are in the throes of colic and crying - but they are SO right.

This month has been marked by smiles, and coos, and kicks, and giggles. This is the month where Jeff and I said to each other, "oh... this is why people have more than one baby."   We LOVE it.  (Have I said that?)

Size - As of today, Sam is about 14 pounds, 2 ounces - that's just according to our home scale, because we don't have another doctor's appointment until next month. I feel like he is such a big boy, but he is still pretty "average" in terms of size.  Three month clothes fit the best, but he also wears some 0-3 month or 3-6 month depending on the outfit.  I think he has short legs like his mama (poor boy), because he needs size Newborn pants.  Mom and Dad have both outgrown their pants, so at least one of us is still in a small size. ;)

Here are some comparison photos:

Development - Sam continues to be really strong.  He can hold his head up on his own almost all the time now - although he still gets a bit bobbly/tired in the Bumbo.  He really likes to push off of his feet and "stand."  Jeff is convinced he'll be walking by six months. :)  He is a pro at tummy time and rolling over - although he still only rolls from tummy to back.  He has been grabbing at things for a while; but, just this week, he's started to really be able to grab and hold onto his toys. 

Personality - He really is so sweet and easy these days... He can entertain himself on his play mat or in his swing for a while, and rarely cries unless he is hungry or cold.   When we talk to him/play with him, he makes all kinds of sweet facial expressions and smiles ALL the time.  He also makes all kinds of fun noises and "talks" lots. He adapts well to new people, places, and situations.  Ironically, I've been kind-of enjoying the fact that he isn't scheduled right now; but, I can tell that's changing... Soon, we'll have to stay home and put baby to bed early, etc. 

In his wedding outfit.  Is that not the most precious face you've ever seen?

Eating - Since starting at the babysitter's, Sam has extended his time between feedings to four hours pretty consistently.  He eats his first meal around 5:30AM from me, and then I send two bottles with about six ounces in each to her house.  He eats "dinner" some time beween 5:30 and 6:30PM, and gets a bedtime bottle three-four hours later.  He is still exclusively breastfed, but he prefers a bottle over the boob.  I'm a pumping machine.  Enough said.

Sleeping - I am SO happy to report that Sam has been sleeping from about 10PM - 5:30/6AM consistently since about nine weeks (most mornings, he goes back to bed for an hour or two with Jeff or in his swing while I'm getting ready for work).  I really don't think his good sleep has much to do with anything we've "done," so I feel very lucky and grateful.  I honestly don't know what I would do if I was working and Sam wasn't sleeping.  He is still sleeping in the basinet in our bedroom, but we are planning to transition him into his crib some time in the next few weeks.  I don't know why that move seems like such a big deal for me, but it does.

Sam's sleep during the day is still kind-of disorganized.  He sleeps in his carseat mostly at the babysitter's, but she's working on getting him to fall asleep in the pack n play.  She says that she just puts him down when he starts to get sleepy, and he doesn't cry too much.  At least when he's with us, he is still a catnapper for the most part. I'm very anxious for him to be on a regular nap schedule and just "lay down and fall asleep," but we are taking baby steps getting there.

Firsts - Vacation, night away from mommy and daddy, wedding, etc.  Lots more to come in month four little guy!


  1. Happy birthday SAM!!!! Miss you E...p.s. I back to blogging!

  2. welcome back, E! I was smiling ALL THROUGH this post. he's so precious! Not to mention that i now actually know what tummy time is --thanks to you Lol.

  3. Aw, so adorable! Two of my really good friends have their own 3 month old Sam and I'm a big fan :)

  4. He is so sweet! Love those eyes!


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