Monday, November 28, 2011

Imaginary Christmas List

Are you Cyber-Monday shopping today?  I have a few things I'd like to check off my list for others today; but, as my mom kindly reminded me this weekend when she dropped off two ADORABLE smocked outfits for Sam, my days of extravagant Christmas gifts are over!!  We've got a baby now that is MUCH more fun to spoil than me.

But... A girl can dream. 

In the spirit of the biggest consumer weekend of the year, here are a few things I wouldn't turn down if they just popped up under the Christmas tree:

- New Kindle & iPad 2 cases from JCrew

- Skinny jeans (with matching skinny legs)

- And a live-in maid/laundry service/chef/personal-trainer (is this really too much to ask?)

What's on your imaginary Christmas List?


  1. Ooohh...excellent wish list! Personally, if I had the money, i'd much rather spend it on one of these fun things rather than some plastic baby junk! So maybe santa will have the same idea as me and you'll get lucky!

  2. I'd love a jogging stroller, a kitchen island and for Luke to take a bottle!

  3. You should really get those Tory Burch flats(I hope your husband reads this!). I have those exact ones on my feet right now and they are SO COMFORTABLE. I'm not usually a flats girl because they always give me blisters but my tory's never have!


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