Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Midweek Confessions

Lots to confess this week... Let's go.

- I drink coffee (with caffeine) and I breastfeed.  My baby still sleeps and I can function.  We both win.

- I cannot stop wearing maternity pants.  I have plenty of others that I can fit into, but they just don't compare.  WHY would I ever go back to zippers and buttons and when I know that elastic exists?

- I just realized this week that my neighbors' living room looks RIGHT into my "dressing room."  We have lived in our house for four years.  For all this time, I've thought they were kind-of unfriendly, but now I realize we are actually quite close and they've just been mortified to actually speak to me.

- The only "gift" I bought over Black Friday/ Cyber Monday was for myself.

- I went back to the gym for the first time in more than eight weeks on Sunday.  I arrived with approximately 12 minutes left before closing.  And... I have been sore all week from my ten minutes on the treadmill.

- Our babysitter is sick today, and I had a big meeting this morning, so JEFF got to stay home all day with Sam.  I am SO jealous.

- I had planned to participate in two fun linky-parties today with my Christmas decor, BUT, my tree is still sitting undecorated and there are bins EVERYWHERE.  Bummer.

- We have a cleaning lady starting next week.  I am more excited about this than I was about the birth of our son.  (Just kidding, mostly.)

So... What do you confess this week?


  1. dude. of course (about the coffee)!! I totally did the same thing. And I tried cutting out the caffeine to see if she'd sleep. And she didn't. SO WHATEVER. momma needed coffee.

  2. Oh yeah for the cleaning lady! I've got some things to confess...blogging about them later. I confess right now that I am at work and commenting on your blog!

  3. I can taste the difference between decaf and caf coffee. I know it sounds weird, but after being an avid coffee drinker for so many years, decaf just tastes different to me. I also confess that I HATE decaf, but I drink it because some form of coffee is better than none.

    It's like using methadone to get off heroine. A sad comparison, but likely accurate :(

  4. Oh my goodness, that's so awful about the dressing room!

    And I always end up buying something for myself on Black Friday, and I don't feel guilty about it, because it was a great deal. :-)

  5. this cracked me up. I'm so glad we're friends.

  6. Girl, I drink cold coffee while nursing! If I'm being honest... (confessions here, right).... I've had a few sips of wine while nursing before! Mom of the year right?

    Can I tell you how jealous I am of your cleaning lady? I have "Mt Saint I hate folding laundry" piled up on my table... it's 7 loads high now .

    Loving the confessions!

  7. Ha! I would be psyched about a cleaning lady also... I joke with my husband that if we didn't fight about cleaning, we'd never fight!

  8. You make me giggle. I'm jelous of your cleaning lady. I want one.

  9. You will LOVE your cleaning service!!! What a fab Christmas miracle. :)

  10. I confess that my hair and eye brows are way over due for a trim/wax. Have I made any plans to get that taken care of? Nope. Too crazy. I'll just be the lady with the crazy eyebrows for a few more days.

    I confess that .... teaching a class of 22 4 year olds these last 4 months is slowly making me crazy. So much going on! I think my lesson plans have me making some complicated Christmas craft everyday for the next 2 weeks.

  11. I just found your blog and was reading backwards through your posts...we also now have a cleaning lady. It, unfortunately, took us 9 months to finally do it...but it's the best $$$ we've spent in a long time! Two working parents and a baby make it hard to find time (or to even WANT to spend your time) cleaning. Glad to read this on someone's blog! Also,I went to VT. Dated a guy from Roanoke. And am still connected to the area...even though I found your blog through another blog and that girl lives in like Minnesota or something! Crazy!

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