Monday, November 21, 2011

My Favorite (Growing) Baby Products

I have several friends that are pregnant right now, and I know how crazy the holidays can be for stocking up on baby "necessities" etc. (we got our stroller/carseat combo last year from Jeff's parents and I was only 11 weeks along), so I thought I'd post a few of the products we've loved for Sam during months two and three. 

I resisted the urge to buy one of these intially, but when we moved Sam to his own room I totally caved.  We LOVE it.  I'm not sure I could ever go back to actually being three rooms away without being able to see him again. ;)  Seriously though, this brings us a lot of peace of mind at night and a lot of smiles in the morning when we get to spy on watch him waking up, talking to himself, etc.

Before baby --- the stupidest thing I've ever seen and totally unnecessary.  After baby --- the greatest invention ever made and absolute necessity to child rearing.

3. Bumbo Seat

4. Swaddle Sleep Sacks
A mom gave me one of these when I was pregnant, and I didn't use it at first because I actually thought a blanket was "good enough."  No no.  These keep baby cozy and swaddled ALL night and are MUCH easier to use than a blanket.  Blankets are so rookie.

5. Bibs/Burp Cloths

Ladies and Gentlemen, the drool/spit-up stage has begun... burp cloths and bibs are VITAL to survival of the cute outfits.  These little goodies by Aden + Anais are the best of both worlds. 

6. Gas Drops

I think every new mom should have at least one package of these just in case... In the early weeks (i.e. colic), these saved my sanity and Sam's belly more times than I can count.

7. Triple Paste Butt Cream (yep, that's what it's called)

Kind-of expensive for diaper rash cream, but it seems to be the gentlest on the hiney.  We've tried other brands and nothing compares.

8. Playtex AirFlow Bottles
Around month two, I found myself in Walmart late one night buying every type of bottle that promised colic relief.  These were on the cheaper end of what I bought, and we definitely liked them the best.  Since then, I've added MANY more to our collection.  I'm a big fan. 

Motherhood makes you get excited about weird things... Just sayin'.

Now, a question for you...

I've heard that things settle down on the buying front after your baby is six months old... But, I'm also certain that we'll need educational toys, videos, and plenty of other things I would never think about in the second half of Sam's first year. So...

What are your recommendations for a baby 6 months - 1 year?  Please share!

P.S. If you are about to have a new baby, see other posts on what to register for for those first few weeks here and here. I still stand by my earlier recommendations & there are some excellent recommendations in the comments section of both.


  1. The Baby Einstein activity jumper was a lifesaver with Lydia! It has all types of fun gadgets and eventually she was able to turn herself around in there and play.

  2. I told myself I would never buy an activity jumper BUT around 6 months I bought a Jumperoo... BEST THING EVER! Nathan loved it!!! He jumped and laughed the whole time! I also had a mirror at his level to watch himself. I couldn't have gotten a decent shower without it :)
    Also, stock up on chewy toys for teething. Especially ones that can be frozen.

  3. I just wrote about my newborn favorites here!
    My little boy is now 8 months old. One thing I really like is the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn table. I only attached two of the legs, so my son can see it while sitting on the floor, and now he is pulling up on it to play. I also bought a foam mat that he played on so he wouldn't bump his head on our hard floors while learning to crawl and stand. I LOVE mum-mums! It makes us able to eat out and keep him occupied. We also have a tiny dinner and cart cover we use a lot. I also like Happy Baby Organic puffs. My son likes eating on his own, and they have less sugar than the other brands.

  4. Bookmarking these lists for the {much, much distant} future!

  5. We LOVE our video monitor too - I'm so glad we decided to get one! I wish I had some suggestions for 6-12 months, but I'm drawing a blank - I will say that a jumperoo/activity center where they can practice standing is a big must for the second half of the first year, especially as they start getting more mobile - it's good to have somewhere safe to put them if you need to leave the room for a minute!

  6. This is really cool! My Aunt would surely love this. They are newbies when it comes to parenting and stuff and I think this will really help a lot.



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