Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I can't believe it's already November... A week in even.  Seriously, where is time going?  When people tell you that time flies after you have kids - BELIEVE THEM.


This season is all about thankfulness.  For me, it is about thinking back on the last year and the ways God has blessed and provided for me.  Maybe more than any other year, this year, I am overwhelmed with gratefulness.  God is so good.

This time last year... We had just put our house on the market and were prepared to leave our hometown.  I desperately wanted a baby, but our life seemed too unsettled and unprepared to make that kind of decision.

...Little did I know...

I don't think God promises that life will be easy, or that there won't be times of uncertainty and waiting.  BUT, I firmly believe that He promises to be in charge.  If you had asked me a year ago what life would be like right now, I would NEVER have guessed THIS.

I am so thankful. 

How has your life changed in the last year?  What are you thankful for this year?  What are you still waiting for?

*Photos from our drive on the Parkway yesterday.


  1. Mama, you are beautiful! :) ... so are these photos!

    Life has just settled down for us and I'm thankful for that. We've been through some turbulent & questioning times lately and the Lord has been faithful to bring us through, stronger on the other side. We're waiting to see what God has for us in terms of a new place to live and we wonder if 2012 will be the year we grow our family with a baby #2. ;)

  2. Poor Addy....sitting there with her muzzle on!!! :) So happy to see she got to go too!! She truly is a member of the family!!
    I am so thankful for my wonderful family! This is a season of blessings, and mine are just too many to list.
    Beautiful post, honey!!

  3. Not that much change last year but I am thankful that my family is in a good sound of health and were still together.

  4. Like you, I am so thankful for my healthy baby boy. I'm also so grateful that God pours our His grace on me everyday. The life He has prepared for me & my family is so much greater than anything I could fathom!


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