Monday, December 12, 2011

Bah Hum Bug!

I'm just gonna be real here for a minute (when am I not?)...

My life is kind-of like one big commercial for Murphy's Law right now.  What I want to be doing is Christmas shopping and wrapping and baking and blogging... Like the rest of the world. 

But instead... Well, it's just been one thing after the other the last few days.

First, Jeff got the stomach flu on Friday night.

I'm terrible with this kind of thing.  I wasn't all that nice to him (in fact, I may have been upset that he dirtied the freshly cleaned house) and, I made him get up Saturday morning to take our family photos. (What kind-of wife does this?)

On the way into town, our photographer got a flat tire and her professional flash broke.  (Sorry girl for bringing you down too!)

Then, nothing cooperated for my photo idea for Christmas card 2011... And, even though the pictures still turned out awesome - our card doesn't beat 2009... Not by a long shot. (Consider this your warning.)

 By Saturday night, I was paying for my behavior when Jeff was sick with... my own 24 hour stomach bug.  (i.e. Cancelled plans for a wedding, a reading at church, a Junior League volunteer opportunity, and dinner with friends. BUT... I did lose a few pounds for Jeff's office Christmas party tonight.  Silver lining?)

And, just when we thought we were on the upward swing, we woke up this morning to a leak from our kitchen into the basement. #whathasmylifecometo?  (I don't really know what that little symbol means, but a lot of people do it, so it must be cool.)

UGG.  Where's the Christmas spirit?

I'm working on it.  And, I know I'll find it somewhere... Probably around Friday when I get out of school for two weeks.

Until then, here's a little sneak peak of our photo-shoot.  Even I can't look at this and not smile. ;)

From Merry Studios... This kind-of summarizes our weekend.  How funny does Sam look in the background?
Happy(?) Monday folks!


  1. The caption for the picture could be, "Does that baby EVER get quiet?" HA!
    I think our sons are very close in age (mine was born on 7/16) and our poor little dog is having some difficulty with not being the "only child" anymore. I think she IS glad that the baby is now in his own room so she can have some peace and quiet.
    Sounds like you are also learning that NOTHING will go as planned now that the Tiny Human is in charge :)

  2. I hope this week treats y'all better than lask week. Sounds like a real doozy!

    The picture is just precious!

  3. Yes the hashtag, aka number sign, aka pound, aka # is super cool! I can't wait to see the rest of the pics. I love your I'm-a-real-working-momma attitude all the time!

  4. That's life isn't it? It seems we are always late for things now with Luke and I cannot stand tardiness. The days when I forget the extra clothes are the days Luke poops on everything, including me. I think it's a reminder to give up the control and take a breather. I did a similar post on lessons learned today. Hang in there! :)

  5. E, the # is from twitter. It is a hashtag for a trending topic. Even though you arent on twitter, you still used it correctly. Just say the word and I will be in Roanoke watching those two darlings..well give me a 5hour heads up.

  6. so THAT'S why I haven't talked to you in a week ;) I just cracked up when i read #whathasmylifecometo. I don't know what that little symbol means either but you definitely are cooler now that you used it. Might have to try it myself. Love you lots


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