Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Midweek Confessions: The Link-Up

Hi friends!  I got myself a fancy little banner and button for this week's official Midweek Confessions Link-up.  (Thanks to the amazing Tricia Nae - my "go to" design girl!)  That's the good news.

The bad news is: I'm home today with a sick baby.  We had hoped that the Stomach Bug 2011 had escaped his little breastfed self; but... no.  I swear, at 6:15 this morning as we wiped poop off the FLOOR, Jeff and I were convinced there was a hidden camera in our house filming some new comedy about parenthood.  'Tis life.

Anyway, here we go...
- We had our house cleaned REALLY well last Thursday.   But today? You would have NO idea.  Honestly, it resembles a frat house (substitute milk instead of beer in the surplus of dirty bottles) right now.  (Look, I realize if I say this every week it stops being a confession.  But, really, it gets worse every week, and every week I'm amazed.  Plus, this is the first week where we actually paid someone to come in and try to salvage our disasters, but to no avail.  Of course, the stomach flu and not being able to use our kitchen sink may have something to do with the problem.)

- The night before we had our house cleaned, I had an absolute freak-out because we had "so much to do to get ready for the cleaning lady." Then, on the day of, I rushed home from work (leaving Sam at the babysitter's an extra hour) to "pre-clean" before she arrived. I realize that this is irrational, but I had no other choice - I don't expect her to know the difference between what is clean and what is dirty on our floor.

- I actually got MAD at Jeff on Friday night for throwing up in my freshly cleaned bathroom.  (I know already mentioned this, but it was too good to leave off the list.)

- I'm slightly obsessed with italics.

- I miss being neurotic.  I used to be "that" girl that didn't go to bed until everything on her to-do list was checked off and was always five steps ahead of everyone else.  Now, I'm the girl wearing two different shoes running five minutes late with 37 bags and a milk stained shirt.  Most days, I like myself more now.  But some days, I really miss my neurotic self.

- Speaking of that, I'm a little jealous of bitter about all the bloggers who have time to decorate their houses perfectly (all DIY, at that), bake delicious meals, make crafts, and blog about it.  I've had to take a little break from my blog-reading these last few days for my mental health.  (Um... But, for full disclosure, I'm REALLY hoping to do at least one link-up this week with all my Christmas decorations.  That is, of course, IF I remove the dog hair and dust first.)

- Yesterday I ate a XL Honeybun out of a vending machine for breakfast.   You know it's bad when you feel the need to hide said breakfast under your shirt until you are safely behind closed doors in your office.  But, oh, it was good.
- I regift.  Sometimes.  There.

Ok, that's all for me... If you wrote your own list today, please (for the love) grab this button and link-up below. I can't wait to read your confessions and feel better about myself. ;)


  1. Working on my confessions for the week - though they might appear here tomorrow! That's my confession #1! I am jealous of the bloggers who actually have time to decorate and take pics and blog about it too...hmmppphhhhhh!

  2. I, too, am envious of the bloggers and their decor this season.

    Love this idea for a link up : )

  3. I bought TWO huge, gooey, honey buns this week and have them hidden in the house right now. I would have already eaten them but I'm still finishing my Pioneer Woman cinnamon rolls! I will proceed to eat them when John's at work and then throw the wrappers immediately in the outside trashcan to hide all evidence of said empty calories. I feel you girl.

    And by the way, even though some of us already have Christmas decor up and may have time to make DIY decorations, we are sometimes bitter over working moms who get a break from diapers, poop, & spit up. I'm also jealous of working mom's extra income and the opportunity to afford fun things like personalized blog design, cute new clothes and I'm sure all kinds of special Christmas goodies for Sam. Like so many things in motherhood, I think this is a lesson for us all in letting go...

  4. I linked up... and I didn't include it on my list, but I'm also very jealous of all the decorating, baking, and crafting that other bloggers are doing. Maybe next year!

  5. love this post! I avoid certain people's blogs these days because they make me feel bad about myself! lol And don't feel bad about cleaning your house before the cleaning lady comes. I grew up with a cleaning lady and it was a weekly routine that we had to clean the night before she'd come! lol

  6. I totally do not handle when my husband is sick well either! My mom was always the kind to never really make a big deal of us being sick, but he tries to milk it for all he can (or at least it feels that way!). Haha!

    So glad you made this a weekly link up! I was going to suggest it last week, but then you had mentioned it before I could ;)


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