Sunday, December 25, 2011

A good day indeed

I love this.  It isn't the best photo you've ever seen (my dad took it on his phone), but it PERFECTLY captures the joy of today.  This has been one of the simplest Christmas Days I've ever had; but, also, probably my best.  We drank a lot of coffee, opened a lot (too many) of gifts, ate a lot (too many) of the Pioneer Woman cinnamon buns, played board games, watched movies, napped with my boys, and celebrated with all the people I love.

*I probably over-embraced the Andy Rooney quote about not cleaning up the Christmas mess too soon...  But, whatever!  

I'm feeling so blessed (and merry) today.

...In the morning, after I dig us out of the pit of gifts and wrapping paper, we are headed to Northern Virginia for a few days with my family.  I'll be back Wednesday with plenty of Midweek Confessions and LOTS of photos of Baby's First Christmas.

Merry Christmas ya'll!!

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