Thursday, December 29, 2011

Midweek Confessions - Better Late Than Never

Oh my what a few days it has been... Lots of fun + 2 broken down cars and a sick baby.  I'll let that explain my blog absence and tardiness to the "Midweek Confession" party.  Sorry friends... I hope you'll still join in.

I'll go first.
- I was so proud of myself for relaxing on Christmas and not worrying about the mess.  Then, on Monday, I had a total nervous breakdown over the condition of our house and all that needed to be done to get out of town.  Fail.

- After making a big deal about needing to eat dinner at 6PM to accomodate Sam's schedule in DC Monday night, WE kept everyone waiting two hours and arrived at 7:30PM.

- I CANNOT resist picking at Sam's ears.

- When I shop, I become a zombie.  Seriously, it's like I have a one track mind and NOTHING else matters.  Bad.

- I LOVE returning things after Christmas.  It is a dream situation - you take something back that someone else paid FULL price for, and exchange it for TWO items now marked 50% off.  I usually LOOK for a gift (or two or five) I can return.  (Sorry mom!)

- I breastfed in two public dressing rooms and in a FOOD COURT while eating french fries yesterday.

- When Sam is sick, I also turn into a crazy hot mess and Jeff has to take care of BOTH of us.

- I haven't bought my husband a Christmas gift in at least three years.

Ok, what are your Midweek-ish Confessions?  Grab the button and link up below! (Christmas pictures to come... sometime.)


  1. You go mama - whip that boob out in public and feed your baby! I love, love, love your confessions. You crack me up! I pick my baby's ears too :)

  2. LOL- I am always picking at my son's ears too, and his nose

  3. I too have started to breastfeed and eat at the same time. My nursing cover has become an oversized bib. You're ha-lairously awesome and

  4. My friends say I'm the queen of returning things. I will buy something in a heart-beat and follow it up with "oh I can take it back if I decide I don't want it!" --- it drives people crazy!! I just would rather buy it and decide I don't want it than not buy it and then it be gone when I decide I do want it!

  5. Hmm...I'm feeling a little left out now. I've never tried picking my baby's ears. I think I better go wake her up and try it out! It sounds addicting!

  6. I also love to return items, even though some people frown upon it and say I'm ungrateful, but all I want is value for money and yes, the present is still appreciated.
    This year I couldn't return anything as I loved my T-shirt from Australia, my boomerang and my Tracfone SVC.
    Where you one of the mommy's that breast fed at Target recently in protest? As Target weren't too keen on a mommy breast feeding in public.

  7. I just bought my husband a Christmas gift for the first time in years... I forgot how much fun it is! That said, I don't want to make it a "regular" thing because I like the spontaneous feel of it. :)

  8. I somehow posted this week's midweek confessions under both this week and last week's linky tools. I can't figure out how to remove the second link on this post; sorry! I am an Internet dunce!


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