Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Midweek Confessions

This has become one of the highlights of my week - confessing things to the world (wide web).  I think about it all week as I'm doing things I should be ashamed of. Sad. That's pretty much a confession in and of itself.

Also, I couldn't resist making this little button... If you are writing your own midweek confessions, feel free to use it.  (Let's be honest, I'll probably do a link-up soon... I'm just feeling out the situation, you know.)

Moving on...

- Sometimes I let my children watch movies on the internet, so that I can get a few things done.

- I consider my dog my child and let my baby dangerously near toxic non-organic cleaning supplies.  (I also cleaned house while pregnant, so... WATCH OUT!)

- I ignore a lot of calls on my cell phone.  It's nothing personal, and I usually call back, but I feel like it's dumb and ruder (is that a word?) to answer and say "I can't talk."  Agree or disagree?

- Despite the above, I still talk to my mom at least once. If we don't talk one afternoon/evening, one of us calls on the way to work the morning and acts like it's been forever since we last spoke.

- I do not wear socks in the winter.  As a result, I have smelly feet.  Sometimes Jeff freaks out and makes me wash my feet before getting into bed at night.  (Too much?  Sorry.)

- I cannot - for the life of me - stay caught up with laundry.  Those of you super moms that do a load (or more) a day, I salute you.  When I have a bunch of kids one day, they will probably have to wear dirty clothes to school some days.

- I still get pretty excited about "Pizza Day" in the school cafeteria.

- If I don't like my outfit/hair/etc.... The whole day is RUINED.  

- Last night, our entire little family was in bed, jammies on, at 6PM.  We only got out  to open the door for the Chinese food delivery guy and change/put Sam to bed.  *Nights like that are THE BEST.  They are also probably the reason why I will never catch up on all my laundry and housework.

Ok, enough about me... What are your Midweek Confessions?


  1. Totally agree with you on the not-answering-the-phone. I hate it when people answer when they are OBVIOUSLY not in a position to talk (whispering "I'm in a meeting!"...uhhh...then why did you ANSWER?!??!!..."I'm trying to merge onto the interstate, it's a MESS out here!"...uhhh...I do not want you to die, WHY DID YOU ANSWER??!)...yeah. I never answer my phone either. But not because I'm busy...usually I just would rather know what they want to talk about first. If they leave a message, I can decide if it's something I want to talk about, too. Ha.

  2. I hate answering the phone as well.

    And I also have a hate relationship with socks in the winter! I live in Indiana and it was 30 this morning but did I put on trouser socks or anything with my flats. nope. i tried though. i did. but it felt like my feet were beings strangled and i just couldn't do that to them!

  3. Love it! That photo is great!
    I agree with the phone thing. I'm the same way.

  4. Another sockless blogger? can it be? I don't wear socks EVER unless I'm doing some form of exercise {and going for a walk doesn't count}.

    I'm up for a link up.

  5. Haha, love it! Totally agree about the cell phone.

  6. you need a linkup! I'm joining today and plan to from here on out, too! :) thanks for such a fun idea!

  7. Link up party!!! Love the idea! Just did mine...

  8. I feel like you need to be home for a few hours and in the mood to get caught up on laundry. I have lately been trying to have a day on, day off approach to laundry.

    I LOVE the photo of Sam and Addy. Seriously, I don't blame you. You can't clean a bathroom and watch a tiny baby.

    Maybe just send the person who called a text saying, "Sorry, I'm busy but thanks for the call, talk to you soon" will make you feel better??

    Ok, hope to see you at the JL party this week and the RMH dinner on Sunday. Miss ya and can't wait to catch up.


    P.S. Incase you ever need a last minute babysitter please give me a call. Piper is an early riser so we are usually up between 630 and 7!

  9. That picture of your "children" is beyond adorable! Regarding the cell question....agree! Terribly annoying when someone answers and is too busy to speak. THEN DON'T ANSWER. Sheesh!

    Chinese in the bed @ 6pm sounds like perfection. And it's those evenings that children remember for a lifetime (once they are old enough to remember and such). Chinese in bed with mom & dad. Does it get any better?

  10. fun!! I can't seem to stay caught up with laundry either...and we don't even have a baby!

    I did my own midweek confessions too!

  11. I just love this post, E!!! so funny!!! You know, I don't wear socks either in the winter!! Did you get that from me, or did I get that from you?? SO funny!! But my feet don't smell!
    I love our daily chats on the phone!!! I did the same thing for many many years with my mom! I miss that so much now, even though those calls made me mad sometimes in those later years. You're the best!! Thanks for making me so proud!! Kathryn, you're the best too in your (own) special way!! Happy Thursday tomorrow!

  12. I'm joining in the fun! Did my Midweek Confessions! So excited.

  13. I talk to my mom every single day too. Once a week she's inevitably at yoga while I'm on my morning walk with Feeney and it really throws off my whole day! It's crazy that in one day we can always find a good thirty minutes of new conversation. Moms are the absolute best. As are dogs. And dogs are children, no matter what my MIL says.

  14. Not a single thing you said bothered me at (especially the socks part, I thought everyone did that??)

    I just wanted to say that your dog is so cute!!!! :)


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