Monday, January 23, 2012

Wine & Cheese Wedding Shower

Since we're talking about rain, I thought I'd share a fun idea for a Bridal Shower today.  My mom and I actually threw this back in early October for my new sister-in-law Jayme, but I'm just now getting my act together to post photos and details.  (Sad, huh.  It's January.) 

Anyway, in looking for a "theme," I found that there just weren't that many creative options out there - especially if you are throwing the shower for a couple who already has a lot of stuff and don't need a collection of recipes. Jayme (and Daniel) like wine a lot, and the shower was at 4PM - not exactly "luncheon" time - so I decided to go with a Wine and Cheese theme.  The party was a lot of fun to plan and everyone really seemed to enjoy it.

In case you are looking for something different for the upcoming wedding shower season, here are a few details:

For starters, I got the invitations from Kellie at Two Pooch Paperie, and they pretty much set the tone for the rest of the shower...
These little inserts and tags came in each invitation with instructions.  I LOVED this idea - and the bride and groom are still enjoying it months later!  It really made the shower!

We used the wine and cheese theme to determine our menu, decorations, and games.  Surprisingly, it was really easy and low-maintenance.

Here's one of my mom's pretty tables all decorated for fall...
We bought these cute little suction wine charms and let everyone take theirs home as a "favor."  (Very practical, I know.)

As a game, I made up this "They Go Together Like Wine & Cheese" fill in the blank list.  Basically, guests had to just write in the name of the famous couple's "better half."  It was easy to prepare for and a good icebreaker.  As a prize for the winner, we gave a wine bottle cork and fancy chocolates.

And the wine-tag idea worked out perfectly!  Jayme got a great variety of wines and we all enjoyed looking at what everyone brought.

There's a little inspiration for your Monday! See you tomorrow!


  1. Such a cute idea! I'll keep this idea in mind for future showers!

  2. you're so creative :-) love it. adorable.

  3. Love this idea! Definitely one I'll use in the future!

  4. What a great idea!! Love it! :)

  5. so I like love this idea, LOVE! is it okay if I steal it? I promise to give proper credit to the genious that came up with it. I have to throw a low key bridal shower for my sis before April and I'm thinking this would fit the bill. thanks for saving my butt.

  6. Saige stole my response. I'm stealing this for the next bridal shower I throw!

  7. Love everything about this shower! So cute and I'm sure your SIL appreciates the different wines!

  8. I threw a wine & dessert shower for my sister a couple summers ago, it was a huge hit too. Glad yours went well, love the wine tags, wish I would have thought of that!

  9. Hey hun... thanks for letting Piper and I drop in last week. It was nice to just chat and catch up for a few minutes. You should get P's birthday invitation in the mail in the next few days. I know it is 3 months away, but I want everyone to get it on the calendar and I wanted to post my invite in my kitchen to look at! My mom was saying... you must be excited to send it out so early. Yes! Ok, we need to plan a playdate for the small fries soon! Oh, I was thinking too.... let me know if you want to do a toy swap with me sometime. We could trade toys for a few weeks. I feel like Piper gets sick of the ones she has quickly. Jen

  10. This is SUCH a cool idea!! I'll have to remember this for when my wine-loving friends get married. Love the invites and the tags-- Jayme is a lucky gal. :)


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