Monday, February 6, 2012

Just my hair

LOVED the response to my Bachelor of the Week post on Friday.  You all are so fun.  If I haven't responded to your email yet, I'm getting there - promise.  And, I assure you, "Secret Agent Man" is keeping up with ALL of your comments.  :) Also, thanks for the feedback about my new baby iphone yesterday... I've chosen a case that I'll be "unveiling" soon (I think it is the perfect mix of cute and practical), and am working on the Instagram and Blogger issues. As always, you guys are the best!

Ok... I'll go ahead and tell you right now -- this post is lame.  But, I wanted to document some of the random changes my hair has gone through since pregnancy.  Feel free to skip this post if you want. Consider yourself warned.

Let's begin over a year ago in January of 2011... As you know, my pregnancy began with some serious hair loss.  In fact, I had to get to get it cut pretty short because it was just so thin... Remember this look?

Then, as it progressed (and my hormones when WILD), I grew a bit of a poof on top.  Below is a photo taken just ten days before Sam was born.  (Please, pay no attention to the fact that I also gained 40 pounds in those six months... We're focusing on my HAIR here, ok.)

Then, shockingly, after Sam was born, my hair began to fall out again.  In fact, Jeff said there for a while I was shedding more than Addy - it really was a problem.

And now, my hair is trying to catch up and find a lovely balance (why thank you hair), but the process is not pretty...  Check out these little goodies.

Another strange post-pregnancy realization... I think my hair actually darkened during pregnancy.

Do you guys notice it, or am I just crazy?  (Jeff says I'm crazy.)  Has this happened to anyone else?

Anyway, on the bright side, I'm finally checking off "grow my hair out past my shoulders" from my 30 Before 30 List.  For a while, I really thought this wasn't going to be possible - but I made it.

Here's photographic evidence for the records:

Before Haircut - at Meg's baby shower on January 7th

After haircut - Daniel's birthday dinner night January 21st.
Told you it was lame. :) Have a good Monday!


  1. You are one of the few people I know who can rock bangs.
    And just so you know youre not alone, I'm rocking the baby hair flyaways as well!

  2. Agreed! Pregnancy did strange things to my hair. When I was pregnant, my hair grew like crazy. After I delivered my daughter my hair fell out for what seemed like an entire year. Then I had those strange little baby hairs growing along my hair line. Now, it seems to all be back to my new normal. The hair falling out part was the worst!

  3. While I can't tell very well from your photo, my hair definitely darkened as well during pregnancy, so I totally believe you when you say yours did!

  4. My hair is doing the exact same thing up by my bangs. And I am totally shedding more than our dogs-it's insane!

  5. NOT lame! I lost so much hair after pregnancy that I went in to make sure I didn't have a thyroid problem. I didn't have one, thank God, but I think it was so noticeable because I didn't shed at all during my pregnancy and then all that extra stuff just fell out. Gross.

    During pregnancy, though, it was thick and wonderful. :)

    Your photo looks like maybe the light/flash is causing it to look lighter, but then again maybe that means it really is lighter! I'd say you aren't crazy.

  6. just so you know, you are looking so thin and great!

  7. you look fantastic! My hair grows those crazy little baby hairs, it's annoying as can be but I can't blame it on pregnancy, it's something I've always been burdened with! My hair did change colors after my first baby, darker of course.


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